A Diapering Question

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Lara - December 6

Okay, please don't assume I'm an idiot - I'm just a woman who has never really been around babies! I'm 32 weeks pregnant, and it has occurred to me, while trying to stock up on products I'll need...that I'm really not clear on diapering. What routine do you ladies use (please be specific) - and what all products do I need. Also, I got alot of liquid powder at my shower, do any of you use this? Thanks so much for any help! (I grew up an only child, and I was also the youngest grandkid, so I was honestly never around babies!)


Rachael mommy2lucas - December 6

Well, everyone has their favorite things. I use walmart or target diapers, they are as good as the expensive ones, as far as I can tell. They do not leak for me. I use sensitive skin wipes, you'll need a lot of those. I have not used the roll on powder, I just use some A &D ointment when his b___t gets a little red. The first few weeks you seem to go thru many diapers, they go often. It slows down as they start getting older. If you have a boy, they are armed and dangerous, cover up the pee-pee with a washcloth so you don't get soaked. You'll get it all down in a matter of days, you are not an idiot for never being around babies! It will all come to you! Good luck to you. Hope this helped.


FF - December 6

I use generic diapers on my son as well, and they do seem to be just as good. And just a hint, don't buy too many newborn size- they grow out of them just as fast as the newborn clothes! My routine is to lay my son on a blanket, get my fresh diaper, wipes, and ointment ready, take off the old diaper, wipe, put the ointment and new one on, then roll up the old one so I can throw it away. You'll get the hang of it in no time ;)


Heidi - December 6

I used Pampers Swaddlers for newborns cus nothing else worked on my daughter. I also used the sensitive wipes. I like Pampers' brand the best. I don't use powder either. I just give her bottom a chance to air dry a bit and then use Desitin as she has a little rash almost all the time if I don't use it. Careful, girls are just as dangerous. I've been peed and pooped on! You go through tons of diapers but I noticed at 6 wks it started to slow down a little bit. Now I'm using Target diapers. They work better than Huggies and I have tons of those so don't stock up on any diaper until you figure out what works best on your little one! Congrats!!!! I was never aound babies either. So don't feel bad. I had no clue and was terrified but someone was watching over me cus once she was born my instincts just took over and I feel like I'm doing a great job and I was blessed with a nice quiet daughter!


kate - December 6

we use lap pads to place baby's b___t on (they are absorbent pieces of cloth so if baby pees on them they won't soak the bed or sofa), walmart diapers (White Cloud) because they are the only ones that don't leak for us and they're cheap, lansinoh lanolin (purple tube of nipple ointment in the b___stfeeding dept at walmart/target) for diaper rash - awesome stuff, and we did finally get a wipes warmer because we have a cold house and every time we'd change baby she'd cry & shiver and get goose bumps all over her legs and belly. we got the prince lionheart brand one because, after reading several online reviews, it seemed the best. i love it. should have gotten it sooner. our soon-to-arrive new baby is a boy so i can't give you any advice on diapering a boy (yet!) as we have NO boys in our entire family! for our daughter, i place her on the lappad, remove the tabs of the diaper while keeping it still underneath her (just in case she pees), wipe her from front to back, clean out the little crevices if she pooped because it inevitably gets stuck in her labia (my husband calls it cleaning out her girlie parts), then i remove the diaper, wipe off her bottom real good while holding her legs up by the ankles, and push the new diaper into place. It's actually quite easy - you will quickly get the hang of it. One thing we don't do, that I'm sure other moms do, is use a wipe after every wet diaper. we only use wipes after the morning diaper and after a poopy diaper - no other times since pee is sterile anyway. my ped and several friends told me the less you use them, the less chance of diaper rash. and so far, she's had no more than 5 rashes - and she's 16 months old. so if that has anything to do with it, then i'm most grateful for their advice.


kate - December 6

oh yeah, and we don't do powder. did you know that the talc in powders gets into ovaries? i read that about a year or so ago - whether mom uses powder on herself or on her baby - somehow the talc gets in her ovaries. YUCK!


Rachael mommy2lucas - December 6

That was what I forgot, kate said it. I do not wipe with wipes after every diaper change, just in the morning or after a poop. Lucas has never had a rash yet.


FYI - December 6

Bag Balm works wonders on a red b___t/rash! :o)


Jbear - December 6

At first you'll be going through about ten diapers a day, but then it will start to slow down. Some diapers fit some babies better than others, so don't buy too much until you know if it works. I change my daughter on a waterproof pad on the floor. I don't use wipes unless she's pooped, and I've learned to stay away from the nicely scented floral ones. I use lansinoh ointment or balmex on her diaper rashes, and I don't use any powder, liquid or otherwise. But that liquid powder is great to use on yourself (I was pregnant in the summer and used it to keep my bra from getting so sweaty).


Steven's Mom - December 6

Hi! Congratulations,do you know what your having? I have a son he is 5 1/2 months :O) I would highly recommend a diaper wipe warmer,they are great. I always use my changing table with the wipe warmer on the side so it's at arm's reach.The swaddlers are great. I used them for a while. He has outgrown them so now we are on to Huggies Supreme he has had a few leaks but not many. For the wipe warmer you can only use pop up wipes. I did get liquid powder but I never use it. He has only had 1 diaper rash. I used Desitin for that and it works great!!!Good Luck


kate - December 6

Steven's Mom said you can only use pop-up wipes in a warmer. With ours, any kind work. Ours aren't pop up.


Lara - December 6

I am expecting a girl. I really appreciate the advice, my family and friends have all been so quick to comment on how I won't know how to do anything - but not so quick to offer actual advice! ....It can be very frustrating. I realize I have alot to learn, and I'm hoping that I do have some sort of built in, mother's intuition once the baby actually gets here!


ally - December 6

I will say one thing do not buy cloth nappies until baby is born. I bought them beforehand and i used them to line her ba__sinett sometimes, to protect the mattress. See how u go first but mine are still in the cupboard, thats one piece of advice. Sudocrem for nappy rash is the best if u have that there. If u have huggies wipes they are brilliant. If you want a nappy that can last 12 hrs, huggies. They are a must on my daughter for bed time and sometimes day time but they cost a fortune here in australia.


amanda.d - December 6

K here's what I do. I prepare the diaper by opening it and then grab some wipes and drape them over the edge of the wipe tub. I grab a cloth (Yep I gotta sprinkler a.k.a baby boy lol) and them I undress the bottom half, take of the dirty diaper, wipe apply a daily cream, diaper and done. I do use the liquid powder but only after a poo and under the neck (it gets wet under there). I also use the pampers swaddlers because I like the fit and DH and I had a bad experience with generic diapers with our last child and I was told to stick with what I know and trust (by DH). So good Luck and don't worry those instincts will kick in before you know it.


amanda.d - December 6

Oh p.s. I keep the wipes beside the furnace vent in babies room, keeps them warm and its already running so why not and besides I live in dinky town Sask. and never seen anything like the wipe warmer but I would like one.


Jamie - December 7

I used Pampers Swaddlers when she was in Size 1 dipes, but when I tried the Size 2s, she leaked everywhere - so I switched to Huggies; we're now in Size 3, and no leaks! I use whatever unscented, undyed wipes I grab off the shelf; I also never warm them - my girl likes them cold. (Weird kid) I never use powder; the one time I did, she broke out really badly. But, if you do, NEVER shake it near the baby; you don't want the baby to inhale it. I wipe after every diaper change - I figure, I wipe myself everytime I use the toilet, why shouldn't I practice the same hygiene for my daughter? Um...always wipe a girl from front to back, never back to front; also, make sure you part the lips of the labia and clean there very well; I don't know about boys, though! Also, don't be afraid or embarra__sed to ask your nurses in the hospital to show you how to change a diaper and wipe your baby - they'll be happy to help! Oh yah- the best treatment for diaper rash I've discovered is b___st milk; it cleared up my daughter's one and only diaper rash in about 4 hours.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - December 7

I didnt go through and read everyones posts, so I might be repeating what someone else has said. Here is what we use and do: At home we change the diaper in her bedroom floor (I dont trust myself with changing tables, I am not very good at changing diapers sideways) We have the prince lionhart wipe warmer and LOVE IT! We use Huggies Supreme with Huggies wipes. For diaper cream, it is somehting that a pharmacist here makes so it is not nation or world wide, but if your ever in Little Rock Arkansas look up Kelly's B___t Balm. We use a diaper genie (the only time it stinks is when you have it open, and we keep it behind her closet door so you cant see it) oh and I have a towel that is just folded that I use to change her on and wash it once a day (unless we get pee or poo on it) As for changing her diaper on the go, I use the plastic wipe holders (people say they dry the wipes out but I havent had that problem) I take like 4 diapers with me depending on how long we will be gone, I have a black changing pad and a tube of ointment that I leave in the diaper bag.



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