A Few Questions For The Military Moms

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Jamie - May 23

When you call your pediatrician, what's the general length of time in which they say they're return your call? Also, do you see a military or a civilian doctor? Where are you stationed, and which branch are you with? The reason I ask is because Serenity's pediatrician is a military ped., and when I have called them, I've been told I'll get a return call within 72 hours. I think this is a ridiculous time frame - waaay too long for me to have to wait! Unfortunately, I can't change providers - since there is a military provider available, I can't use a civilian one unless I want to pay for it out of our own pocket, and we just can't afford that. I'm just wondering if the 72 hours is across the board, or if it's just here.


Shana B - May 23

Well, I'm an ex-Army wife (husband got out after 7 years) and I did not have a good experience with the pediatricians where we were stationed. The call back time was terrible and the care she received was worse. We actually ended up switching her to a civilian pediatrician which was not as expensive as you'd think. We paid a $20 co-pay and prescriptions were $3.00-$5.00. It was worth it to switch for us, but maybe not for everyone. That's not much help but I just thought I'd share my experience.


jas - May 23

72 hours is the standard - at least in the Air Force... GA, SC, AR - Japan... It's all the same... Where are you stationed?


Alycia - May 23

I'm an army wife, but I haven't taken my new son in yet (he was born at home). However, when dh was stationed at Ft. Drum, NY, the call-back time for my clinic was 24 hours, and they were very good about it. 72 sounds crazy for a baby!


SonyaM - May 23

I am not a military mom, but Ilive in a city of several military bases and most of my neighbors are military. ALL of the moms complain about the care or lack their of that they receive. 72 hour call back time is not only unacceptable but dangerous. WOW!!! We pay a ton for our insurance but at least we get quality care. I get a call back from the nurse line with a few hours at the most and I can ALWAYS get an appt. the same day if my children are sick. I am so sorry our country has set up this system so poorly to care for the ones who serve our country. It's really sad.


Evans mommy - May 23

My hubby is deployed and I moved home to my parents to help with our 6 mos old, there's not a military treatment facility nearby so luckily I got to choose from the amazing list of 3 ped's. I'm not knocking it, I'm glad he's being seen by a ped, at first we were going to have to go to a general practice. All I can do is sympathize, 72 hours is too long even for routine questions, you would think they'd have a 24 hr rule for infants. Wow I was excited to see there were military wives that post, I'd love to talk to other mil wives.


Mellissa - May 24

i am an army wife, stationed at ft carson, co. my hubby is also deployed right now. the call back time is 72 hours, but i've never called them. if it's something really important and i can't get through, i just take my daughter to the ER. I've been there twice and the longest we were there was an hour and a half. also, we have the air force academy hospital not too far away and they are WAY more efficient than the army one.. luckily i am able to use their ER if i have to. :)


Alycia - May 24

You guys are scaring me! I really thought it would be 24 hours since it was that way at Ft. Drum for adults! Do you have a nurse advice line at your MTF? I believe we do here... I suppose that would be the best way to go.


babybird - May 24

When we lived on base we couldn't even get through to the clinic, we had to call the nurse advice line. I could usually get right through to them or get a call back within the hour. Military healthcare is VERY frustrating. Actually we went off of Tricare Prime and switched to standard because we get to choose who we see and we pay 20% of the bill. It may cost more but the quality of the care my children receive is 100 times better. Just something you might want to think about. By the way where are you stationed? My husband is at Quantico MCB.


Evans mommy - May 24

Tricare is a blessing and a pain. One doctor's office said You've had Tricare a while huh? Since I keep copies of everthing and authorization numbers for referrals LOL. Mellissa how long has your DH been gone? Mine for 6 months and 10 to go. Communication is good though with phone calls. I'm a first time mommy and get stressed out very easily, esp cuz DS is teething :( Any tips for surviving deployment. It's our first deployment too.


Mellissa - May 25

hi evans mommy. my dh has been gone since feb and he'll be gone till november. this is our second deployment. he was in iraq from dec '03 until feb '05. the best thing for me through the first deployment was having my daughter around to distract me. she was 4 months when he left, so i had a handful. it helps a lot to have family around. i actually went and stayed with my in-laws for six months during his deployment.. and that helped a bit. this time i have a lot more going on because i am having our second baby (a boy) in july. so i've been too busy to really let it get to me. just try not to focus on the fact that he is gone and missing so much... focus on what you can enjoy when he gets home. that helped me. :)


cab - May 25

It is so different in Canada. We no longer use the military Doctors. ( my husband still has to). We can go where ever we choose. Our ohip covers this. While i'm posted overseas with my husband. We can see the nurse at the emba__sy. She works 2 days a week, and is on call 24 hrs. She has great contacts to other doctors or medical staff. We pay out of pocket for who we choose to see and claim the full amount through our insurance policies. It take 2-4 weeks to get the money back. I have been living in Damascus Syria for almost 2 years with my husband. In Syria i can get a Doctors appt the next day if not immediately that night.


Faiths mommy - May 25

My DH is in the Navy w are stationed in Cali. and our call back time is 72 hrs. rediculous amount of time.


Evans mommy - May 25

Thanks Mellissa, best wishes the rest of your pregnancy! You sound so strong! The first 6 months were tough but I felt confidence even though I am still learning about motherhood! The teething, constant waking during the night, and not napping during the days this week though, has really shaken my confidence and missing DH so much. DH and I talk and write about the future, it is best to keep eyes forward. Thanks!


Mellissa - May 26

evens mommy, i don't know if i'd say i'm strong, but thank you. :). i still have my days when i am a complete wreck. a month and a half ago i had a horrible breakdown because my daughter (2 1/2 now) was not potty training very easily. luckily she has it down now, so that makes it a lot easier. i would say the hard part of having a baby and a deployed hubby is when they come home and your schedule changes. i had rylee going to bed at a certain time, eating on schedule and everything.. then my hubby came home and it took about a month to get back on track. he wanted to keep her up as long as he could to spend time with her, and we travelled a lot, so she was just not in tune with the schedule anymore. don't let your confidence get shaken... i think we are all still learning.. believe me, i am learning new things everyday. i can imagine being there with your parents must help with the loneliness... it's good that you have them to lean on through this. i hope the rest of the deployment isn't too hard on you. :)



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