A Little Concerned AF Is Um Not Here OT

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LollyM - February 26

Ok, I hate to bring up another pregnancy scare on this forum! (lol) but There are no signs of AF anywhere! I should have gotten my period today... or yesterday... or tomorrow... (haven't been keeping track as well as I should have...) but I have no signs what so ever! I suppose it could be because of br___tfeeding, or maybe because I just started taking the mini-pill again last month. In any case, there are usually 28 days between the starts of my periods, but now, it's been more like 30+! ok, so it really is late! I have a test, but i'm scared to take it so soon... maybe I am just in denial, but could it be from the mini-pill, or br___tfeeding? (dd is almost 7 months) I know for a fact I was ovulating on V day... and we did have s_x, but I also took my pill on time... I feel like such a freak! lol, maybe I should have posted this on the teen board! lmao! I am also having thicker discharge than usual for this time of the month (it's not infection discharge! lol) Ok, maybe I should just take the test since I DO already have it. Help! i'm scared!


Angiconda - February 26

Lolly I am in the same boat as you are the last 2 months I have not been regular like I use to be which it kind of strange. I just take a test and AF usually shows up 5 days after I would have usually gotten it. So I guess that make me like 33 day cycle which it going to make it a little tough when we start trying for #2. LOL no need to go to the teen forum.


LollyM - February 26

Thanks =) At least I'm not alone! the thing is that i have had my period back since 3 months pp and it has been pretty regular since.


CyndiG - February 26

I would test, if for no other reason than to ease your mind. If you're 2 or 3 days late, you should show a positive. Let us know!


snugglybugglys - February 26

After I had my first baby I got on the mini pill, and was also b___stfeeding, and I got prego with twins! I would test, if you aren't it can ease your mind, and if you are, well you can prepare. :) Good luck! :)



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