A Little Love

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vonzo - March 5

For one reason or another people have been saying they are not enjoying the forum anymore so i have decided to be Michael Jackson ( i have a plastecine nose on as i type) and "HEAL THE WORLD..." So ... my idea is to give someone from the forum a (((HUG))) and to say why you're choosing to hug them. I'll start with (((((BBIIGG HUUGGSSS)))) to Sh__ly and Smilefull for listening to my mad rantings and always being at the other end of the computer for me!


Lindsey - March 5

My HUG goes to Bonnie, for helping me through my early months as a first time mum, I thought my ds had reflux (turned out to just be colic) but her advice was top cla__s, I can honestly say I have never seen her say a bad word about anyone and has always given great advice.


Lindsey - March 5

Also Big Hugs to Lindsay, Jenn2, Misty and harmony, we have been together since we were about 6 months pregnant and although we haven't caught up for a while, we know we will always be there for each other.


shelly - March 5

Lol von bless you your not a mad ranter hehe,great thread micheal lol. hugs back to you for listening to my prattling. also to kara and rabbits and all the other ladies who have given me great advice for great and sensible advice and to perl for commiserations over our joint cholestasis in our pregnancys. and to all the uk girls for uk vents. love to all x


shelly - March 5

typo great and sensible advice written twice.can only blame it on the fact that its monday morning lol.


Dawn - March 5

My Hug goes to Ashley, Justine and Emily as we have all been chatting together since we were ttc and getting our BFP.


Emily - March 5

A big hug to Dawn for making my day! And a hug to sophandbob for making me feel better on a bad day awhile back….hugs to sahmof3 and the other ladies with older kids who patently anser my questions about my two year old as well as my 8 mos old….(not ot meniton the hugs to all the ladies out there who have ever givien me advise…….)


KLC - March 5

A hug to Ry for being a good chat friend and sounding off each other as our kids are the same age :)


Mellissa - March 5

My hug is for LollyM... for sharing that awesome viusualation technique with me. I've actually been able to sleep the last couple nights! Thanks!! :)


BriannasMummy - March 5

My hugs go out to a couple of different individuals. mosley12 for being a strong woman and getting through the last couple of weeks with a positive att_tude. Nvgirl, ohbaby, dancegirl, Cookie, kristap and jenstewart for being fun people to keep in touch with throughout my pregnancy. Another for flower.momma for giving me some bright light about my 4 year old a while back.Then there are hundreds of hugs for all of those girls out there that have given me lots of advice and made me laugh and supported me. ~Kristin~


piratesmermaid - March 5

((((HUGS)))))))) to each and EVERY one of you ladies. Because you care so much for your children and because you are all so generous, whether it's with coupons, extra clothes or other items, advice, or lending an ear. People so willing to give of themselvs without expecting anything in return are rare, and I want to HUG all of you for being good people. :D


Smilefull - March 5

My (((HUG)))) goes to Heather. She's going through a ridiculously stressful time right now and handling it amicably (sp). I would've been screaming/venting it up....no...perfectly calm, civilized discussions.


austinsmom - March 5

This is a great idea vonzo!! I have been coming on here since I was 3 months preg and though lately it has been tough to find time to reply or even look on the forum I always come back and check in when I can. I want to send huge ((hugs)) out to rabbits and bonnie cause yall have helped me so much with all my problems getting aquainted with being a new mom and have always been super supportive. I want to thank everyone else that posts here for thinking up questions I had but did not know I had until I saw them. I also want to think those out there that try so hard to help others and most of all thank you all for this emmy (lol) just making a funny.....anyway lets keep on keeping on...


ashtynsmom - March 5

I want to hug vonzo for making this thread, and having the courage to wear the plastecine nose!!!


shelly - March 5

lol ashtynsmom,sorry i forgot sahmof3,she gives great advice x


srigles - March 5

(((HUGS))) to everyone in this forum. I've been coming on here since I found out I was preggers, and have gotten TONS of advice from so many people on so many different issues. You girls all rock! Thanks so much for all the help!


ssmith - March 5

My (((((( HUG )))))) goes to everyone too! The past few weeks have been pretty upsetting for me in one way or another, and I have posted a few times in tears trying to to type out my sorrows. I have received nothing but support & encouragement for everyone, and it means SO much to me. I hope that I can return the favour some day....



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