A Nice Long Afternoon Bitch Sesh

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k.p.j.e. - February 28

Well I just feel like venting about my sister. She is a year and a half younger than me and she comes over to my house a lot (3x a week) and visits my son and my husband and I. Also, my MIL lives about 5 minutes away from us and she was diagnosed w/ cancer last month and she has begun chemo. Anyway, so my MIL is off work for the school year, she's a teacher. So she is still not feeling very sick yet, and she likes to come pick up my son and take him over to her house for the evening to keep her company about 2x a week as well. I am 7 1/2 months pregnant with my 2nd child, so I am definitely ok w/ some time to myself, especially since I almost always spend it cleaning the house or doing laundry or grocery shopping. Anyway my sister gets really irritated when if she wants to come over, Jack is over at his nana's. Tonite she was supposed to come over after work at 5:30 and we planned on picking up Jack at 7. She got all whiny and was like "God, I just want one prearranged afternoon w/ him when he's not at Nana's!" And by the way, she sees him pretty much every time she comes over (if he's not here, she just doesn't come usually.) I kind of blew up at her today I can't believe she is so selfish. Anyway my husband always has to hear about how annoyed I am w/ my mom and/or sister so I felt like venting to someone else for a change. Thanks for listening


k.p.j.e. - February 28

A little more---Me and my sis have always been really close friends. She is really great w/ my son, she plays w/ him and everything while I make dinner, etc. But I just am mad that she can't bother to come over if he's not here, and she even complains about how if we know she is coming over, we need to keep Jack here so he'll be here when she gets here. We're talking about 3x a week EVERY WEEK. Ok now I'm done sorry.


kristie h - February 28

She does sound very selfish, does she know about your MIL?


hello - February 28

sorry to hear, its funny how people change and want to see your kids and not you... I have one friend that really likes to see my daughter more than me and at first its like i used to get jealous hah, insane i know.... As i would always get the 'why isnt she coming stuff' etc but now i am so used to it and its flattering cause she has her own nieces and nephews but is always asking when my little one is coming over.... try think of it that way although i understand your vent well and truly.....


k.p.j.e. - March 1

Wow 2 people read this! :) Thanks for listening...yes kristie h she does know about my MIL, my family and my husband's family are very close. She is just rather immature and selfish. Anyway, we made up but I'm still irritated lol. She just doesn't understand anything except herself and thinks the world revolves around her...just like we all did once!


LollyM - March 1

Aww, I know people can be weird sometimes! I'm glad you made up though=) I feel like everyone just wants to see my baby and not me also, so I know how you feel on that one! I hope your MIL has a quick recovery!


shelly - March 1

my mum is like this about my older son,he goes to his dads most weekends so if she wants to come over she will personally go and pick ds up from his dads and she is really forcefull about it,as if she cant come over unless both our children are there,and friends are like this too, does she have kids k.p.j.e if she hasnt she will understand when she does. family can be so irritating tho cant they.


Hana - March 1

I can imagine how irritating it becomes when people just want to see the baby. My ds sleeps at 7 and no one comes over unless he's awake lol Anyway about your situation, i know its irritating, but try reframing it..just think how much love you little boy is getting and how people just cant wait to see him.


mcatherine - March 1

If you look at it from a different view - you see how much you sister loves your son - which isn't something everyone has. My sister loves my children, but she's 1200 miles away and I would give anything to see her 3 times a week and have her irritate the hell out of me :o) Why don't you just try giving her advance warning that your son isn't/won't be there - could be that she shows up anyway and if not, you get more precious alone time - which is something you certainly aren't going to get anymore in another couple of months!!! I'm glad you guys made up..



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