A Piece Of Justice

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Eryn @ MN - January 19

My fiance finially knows a small fraction of my pain. Ellie wakes up constantly through out the night. Now she has a tooth coming in so it's about everyother hour and she's hard to calm down. I've been so tired I can't funtion and I had bags under my eyes. So after a couple of weeks Mr wonderful FINALLY says he will get up with her at night. So I got my first straight 6 hours of sleep in 4 1/2 months! I wake up and he says " I don't know how you do this everynight I got no sleep" I was overjoyed sad to say. Just a little recognition for what I go through. Now if he could only push a cantalope out of his "you know what" maybe we will call it even. :)


Amayas Mommy AKA Stephanie - January 20

LOL I would pa__s for a lemon! lol I understand what you are going through but I have to say (and I know you prolly wanna slap me) but it does get easier and soon she will be sleeping through the night and you will wake up on your own to check on her (I hate that, everytime I wake up I feel like I woke up for a reason and I should go check on her, b/f the one time I didnt would be the time something happened, UGH!) But honestly that 6 hours of sleep will get you through another 2 months of getting up every hour!


The real Lissi - January 20



erin - January 20

yes, it feels so good when they walk in your shoes for a moment. my hubby watched my son for 8 hrs once when i went on an all day shopping spree back in december for xmas presents and he was calling me after 6 hrs wanting me to come back...telling me my son missed me! ha...i loved it! glad you could get some rest finally.


maryann - January 20

my hubby woke me up one night after volunteering to be on standby the entire night for our son....and said, "I now have more respect for you and what you do every day and night taking care of our son". I almost cried, but laughed out loud instead! YES!!!


Eryn @ MN - January 20

Stephanie: I do know it will get better...someday but it's so frustrating because people were like Oh when she's 10 pounds she will sleep, or when she is three months she will sleep, ect. Oh well I guess because I had the easiest pregnancy in the world I am making up for it!


Heidi - January 20

I feel your pain. Emma's still up every 3-4 hours to nurse and he sleeps right through it! P__ses me off. So if she starts fussing I'll lay her in bed for a second before nursing her so she cries and wakes him up. Hee hee!


Shannon - January 20

LOL i tell my dh that next time he's having the baby all the time


Eryn @ MN - January 20

Hedi: LOL I do that too! I will let Ellie cry just a couple of seconds then pick her up. That way he's reminded of how often she wakes up. I hate when people ask how she's sleeping at night and he says,"oh she's getting better" No she's not. How the hell would you know!


Meredith - January 20

My husband offered to get up with the baby. I will tell you how that worked out. He and the baby were in the same room, two rooms away, and he could not hear the baby cring in the same room. I finally got out of bed to check the situation, and he was plesantly snoozing away. I fixed a bottle and handed him baby and bottle, and went back to bed. He apologized the next day, but that kinds scares me that he was that tuned out. He was NOT doing it on purpose, that is what is scary. I have decidedly given up on a full night of sleep until Alexia will let me.


Kristina - January 20

haha...I know how ya feel. I b___stfeed though, so Jer can't help out much at night, even if he wanted to. I don't mind all that much though...because he is the one out there working 80hours/week. He is just as sleep deprived as me sometimes! =)


sugar+spice - January 20

glad to know im not alone with some of you! i'll let my baby cry a little bit too,before getting her up so he wakes up too. of course come morning, oh he's the one thats so tired and got no sleep. he gets to sleep in.


Meredith - January 20

Okay, what annoys me is my husband needs an afternoon nap. WTF? He barely has to work 40 hrs/ week.



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