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Amy from MN - November 21

I had my ultrasound on Mon. 11/14 and the doc just called back to tell me the baby is in the breech position. I am 22 weeks. Any of you new mommies had this happen and what was your outcome? Did your baby turn or did you have to have a c-section? I am very worried! I am on Baby #4 and have always had quick and easy va___al deliveries and was hoping for the same with this one! Thanks in advance for your response!! P.S.,.........It's a BOY!!!


Toya - November 21

If you are only 22 weeks pregnant, the baby is no where close to being set in a position. He still has a LOT of room to do sommersaults and turn in any direction he wants! Since you are on baby number 4, I'm sure you know most babies don't stay in a head down position until the last trimester...so the term breech at this point in your pregnancy is of little significance...Congratulations! :) I'd like a boy some day as well.


Shannon - November 21

my baby was breech at the 20 week ultrasound and she turned and i had a v____al delivery in the end. i worried about it too, but you don't need to, he'll turn too i'm sure.


soleil - November 21

Hello my baby was in breech position when I was about 7 mo. and by the time I was in labor she was in normal position and I had her v____ally.


Tami - November 21

My baby was breech at week 30 and she turned and I had a normal v____al delivery. I would worry just yet! good luck and Congratulations on your little boy! Do you have any names picked out?


Mena - November 21

I was told my son was breech at 25 weeks, & he stayed that way until about my 35th week. I had a fetal a__sessemnet at 36 weeks & he had flipped! I had him at 37 weeks & had a regular v____al birth. So I wouldn't worry, when the baby is ready he/she will probably flip & get ready into the proper position.


karine - November 21

Mine was a breech and stayed that way, i ended up with a c section.


mom42 - November 23

With my first, she was breech at 34 weeks, so I had an external version in which the doctor flipped her inside of me from outside. Mine wasn't really painful and was successful and I delivered v____ally at 40 weeks.


Tanya - November 23

Hey Amy! My guy was in a breech position even up to around 34 weeks, then he turned the right way! Although I still had to have a c-section because he got stuck and I have to say, it isnt that bad nor is the recovery - I didnt think!



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