A Question For The Breastfeed Ing Mums

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kristie h - March 6

Hi ladies, When i had my son who is now two i didnt br___tfeed him at all and i thought that i had somthing wrong with my milk supply as i did not have a drop of milk before i gave birth to him or after i had him. I am now 3 months pregnant and woundering should i try br___tfeeding this time around. This may be a weird question but i thought you ladies maybe able to help.The thing i would like some info on is why i didnt produce one drop of milk when i had my son? Do you have to have the sucking suction to bring the milk supply on? If i didnt produce milk with my son does that mean i will most likley not produce milk this time around? I hear alot of women dripping milk during pregnancy, i didnt have that so i automatically thought i could not br___tfeed i felt even worse when i didnt have a drop of milk after i had him. Any info would be great as i have not got a clue about milk production or br___tfeeding. Thanks


MichelleB - March 6

I did not leak at all before baby was born. When you start the process, the first day or two is only colostrum, a think creamy milk, then milk comes in after that. It is completely normal not to have milk leaking before the baby comes. The babies feeding regulates teh amount of milk you produce, and the first few weeks are important to the mom to feed often to stabalize the milk supply. There are are great cla__ses in our town that offer help with this. You should try to contact one in yoru area! Good luck!


ssmith - March 6

Yes, the sucking action is what triggers your body to produce milk. I had to pump for a couple of days after my dd was born ~~ I'd nurse her, then pump. After about 3 or 4 days the milk will come in. I never leaked during pregnancy, I don't think that is very common. I would HIGHLY recommend finding a Lactation Consultant or a Breastfeeding Clinic to go to after the baby is born. They REALLY helped me with getting the latch etc., and they can weigh the baby after a feed to see how much milk they drank. I went several times until my dd & I both figured it all out. You will hear that b___stfeeding is "So natural" etc etc, and it is ~~ eventually. It took me a couple of weeks to really get comfortable with it, and feel that it was a natural process. The baby needs to learn how to do it just as much as the Mom! You should really give it a go if you can. It is really difficult at first, but is a very rewarding experience....and so intimate between you & baby. Good luck.


CyndiG - March 6

You should read every book you can get your hands on. Each one will give you something different. I never leaked at all before I had the baby. At first the baby will want to suck constantly, and that's normal. Let it eat on demand to boost your supply. It's a little frustrating at first, but after a short time, you'll be a pro. I've bf both of my girls. I'm currently bfing Carlie who is 7 months. You two will get into a rythym. It's not that hard. Don't let people discourage you, and don't let the hospital give hime a bottle, because they will try! Just be diligent and you can do it. Read, Read, Read. Good Luck!



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