A Sort Of OT Medical Question

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ry - March 4

Ok, first let me say this may be tmi and I apologize but lately when I pee I have a very uncomfortable feeling in I guess my bladder. Its exactly like how it felt when I would pee when I was very pregnant and right after I had the baby. It is not that it is painful to pee like in my urethra (?) or that it burns or anything like that but that my bladder has a really heavy feeling and when I go it kind of hurts. I am sorry if this makes no sense at all but it is hard to describe. Do you guys have any idea what this could be? I am trying to research it..


CyndiG - March 4

Could be an infection. Whenever I get uti's I don't have the normal urgency and burning feeling. I get pain low in my stomach, almost bloated ga__sy kindof feeling, and body aches and pains. Sort of like the flu. It may be worth getting checked out.


Danielle19 - March 4

could it possible be a kidney stone? i would guess you would have lots of pain with one, but it could be a possibility


Smilefull - March 5

Hey Ry--If you don't want to go see the doc maybe try drinking a whole bunch of cranberry juice and see if it goes away? If


pinkbo0tlace - March 5

Sorry to ask something SO generic, but please see a doctor. Just because this sounds more serious than a tiny paper cut :)


foxhoundsrgr8 - March 5

Well, to me it sure sounds like you got a bladder infection. I used to get them a lot and my symptoms were the same. I have a friend, however, who had very similar symptoms and it turns out when she went to the doctor's that she had contracted genital herpes. I don't mean to sound alarming, but please go to the doctor's to have it checked out if it's something new and you've never experienced before. (If it's a simple bladder infection, you'll probably have to take antibiotics, which you can't get over the counter anyway.)


shelly - March 5

ry,it does sound like a uti,the first one i had years ago i didnt know what it was and it turned into a kidney infection.painful.smileful is right cranberry juice is brilliant,it stops the bacteria sticking but to much of it gives me heartburn ,you can get them in tablet form.the doc can es the wee and see if any infectection present.uti s are rotten ,good luck


shelly - March 5

test typo


ry - March 5

Thank you guys. I guess I'd better call the doc. I dont know how in the hell I could get a uti and if I have genital herpes I will be in jail for murdering my dh! jk How annoying this is!


Rabbits07 - March 5

My first thought would be a UTI as symptoms can vary from pain and burning upon urination to heaviness and pain in the bladder region. Cranberry juice is suppose to be good for preventing UTI's and most dr.'s will recommend drinking it while you have one along with taking antibiotics. My sister had the unfortunate experience of having the first signs of a UTI so she began drinking alot of cranberry juice, a couple of days later she ended up in the ER with severe back pain. The dr. told her that the cranberry juice had succeeded in flushing the infection from the bladder but that the bacteria went to her kidneys and told cranberry juice was good for prevention, but that you ran the risk of it flushing into the kidneys once you already had the UTI unless you took antibiotics as well (antibiotics kill the infection whereas the juice only keeps it from sticking to the UT walls). Anyways, you probably want to see a dr. even if you think it's just a UTI.



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