A Terrible Eater Now

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lin7604 - October 24

what do i do with him? my ds turned 1 today and in the last month gotten VERY picky! he used to eat anything we gave him but now he shakes his head no, cries and won't open his mouth at all. He will eat toast and yougart some days but still he eats so little now, he nibbles on a few puffs and that's it. Today for breakfast was a bottle when woke then few puffs, lunch he only ate a few sponfuls of applesauce, 1 small animal cookie and a few broken pieces of a bun, at dinner was a homemade oatmeal cookie, a few spoonfuls of apple sauce. I gave him before bed a few mins ago a pack of the friut pieces from gerber for toddles things. That's it for the day and then in 30min he will get a bedtime bottle. Why is he refusing to eat now? or when he does it's a nit pick thing.


Happymommy - October 24

Don't worry as long as your son is growing well. Kids will eat a lot when they are going through a growth spurt and will not eat as much when they are not. Just keep offering a healthy variety of foods and that is about all you can do. One suggestion--maybe don't offer cookies even if they are healthier ones at mealtimes and he will maybe eat a little more of the healthy stuff. But mostly I say don't stress, I have a picky eater and it is very frustrating but the dr says he gets what he needs. He is a little older, 3, and I give him a Flintstones vitamin every day.


lin7604 - October 24

thanks, i tey not to offer any of the sweet things at a meal time but fter 30 min of him refusing to eat any dinner what do you do? i let him out of his chair for a bit and then he got whiney ( of corse, he was hungy) and then i give him a cookie of some kind as i know he will eat it. he has always been a health eater with a great appet_te except lately? He is doning a little more wake ups at night, most times can get himself back to sleep but he is still waking, which isn't normal. so i think that has to do with the fact h e is hungry? why would he eat everything before and now not? i don't get it, i was having such good progress with him eating people food, i was getting excited as i hardly had to buy jarred food now i feel i am going backwards and getting back into jarred food more again. i have just let him go if he doens't eat what i offer him but he will just be whiney and cry due to hunger.


lin7604 - October 24

you would think if he was hungry enough he would just eat it!


cubbie - October 25

Hi, at around 1 all babies appit_tes dramatically reduce - this is normal as their growth rate slows down - if our babies kept eating and growing the way they do the first year they would all be giants!!! So don't worry, I wouldn't let him see that it bothers you, because he'll start to see that as a way to manipulate you - this age they're really testing their bounderies and using every trick they can to start to take control!. My dd is 2.9 and still hardly eats but ate really well as a baby, but she has loads of energy and is growing and gaining weight so I don't worry about it - but if I feel she really hasn't eaten enough I give her formula before she goes to bed, because it contains everything she needs. Keep offering healthy snacks, like ricecakes and vegetable sticks and if you've introduced peanuts, peanut b___ter is great as it's packed with vitamins and calories. As for the waking up - it could just be separation anxiety which is usual at this age. Good luck and like everything else it will pa__s!


lin7604 - October 25

thanks, i was just worrying that he is not getting enough of what he needs as a whole day would be a few puffs, water or juice and a slice toast with maybe a yougart.



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