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Lisastar9 - January 26

I am due to have my third in March but here is this dellimia. When I found out we were having a boy the only name which came to mind was Steven. Now here is the catch,Steven was my lare deceased brother's name who died last year. I know thia baby is not my sisters but her opinion is for me to name thte child Nolan first anf put Steve's name second. I suggested to her maybe keep the name Steve frist but call the child Nolan all the time, My sister said it would be confusing for the child when writing his name for legal reasons. The childneeds his own ident_ty. My dh agrees with her and prefers Nolan to Steve. I haven't discussed this with my other brother either. My Aunt says it a wonderful idea. My brother was only 14 1/2 months older then me. Before he died I would have never considered to name my child after a deceased person, but obviuosly people change their thinking. Opinion please?


kris A. - January 26

To honor your brother is wonderful. Your sister and husband have a valid point as well, since it would be confusing at every point to have to correct all paperwork to reflect he goes by his middle name. I think Steven as a middle name does still honor your brother, provides the baby with his own ident_ty, and eliminates the confusion over what part of his name to call him. And Nolan Steven is a very strong name. But it all comes down to what feels right for you and your husband. My prayers for your lost brother and your new baby boy! I wish you a safe and happy delivery! :)


Lisastar9 - January 26

Kris A This was hard to me to type and ask the question. Thanks for your imput.


CEM - January 26

From a strictly esthetic point of view, I prefer the name Steven. I just think it sounds better. The fact that it was the name of your late brother would make it all the more special I think.


Amber - January 26

I was gonna name my daughter Shawna after my deceased older brother Shaun who got killed in a car accident 4yrs ago at age 21. I thought really hard about it and came to the conclusion that she should have her own ident_ty instead of being named after someone else for the simple fact that I dont like when people name their kids james jr or james III so for me to do that would make me a hypocrit sorda but in all reality you should do whats in your heart and what will make you happy. Alot of people questioned me as to why I wasnt going to name her after him and told me I should. But you need to do what is right for you and dont feel guilty with whatever your choice will be. There are many other ways to honor your brother.I am sorry for the loss of your brother and wish you the best with your baby boy!


Meredith - January 26

In the order of the names, my brother was named after my father, but always used his middle name. He never had any problems as far as legal stuff. My Dad had trouble getting some of my brother's negative credit history off his report. I would do it however YOU want.


Lisastar9 - January 27

More opinions please


Chelsey - January 27

My children's middle names are both chosen after grandparents, 2 of which are deceased. I wanted their first names to be something that Dh and I picked, so we could feel that not only are the kids part of their Grandparents, but also a part of us. But, if one of the Grandparents had a name I would've like to call my child on a daily bases, then I definately would have atleast considered it as a first name. Personally I like the names Steven and Nolan. I do think that Steven Nolan "sounds" better than Nolan Steven...but Nolan Steven sounds good too..... I think the decision in naming your son should be between you and your DH, and to not include other family members in your choice. Although it is nice for an opinion sometimes, I just think that your gut instinct should be what counts the most.


Rachel - January 27

We are giving our daughter the middle name Louise, which is both my grandmother's name and my middle name, but we chose Ainsley for her first name so she would have her own special name. I love that my MIDDLE name is Louise, because it is a tribute to my grandmother (who raised me), but I have my own name as well. This is just an opinion, and I think both ways are great, but I personally like that the tribute part of my name is my middle name (and hopefully Ainsley will too).


Lisastar9 - January 28

Thanks for whoever answered I am bumping this up again.


Ruby - January 28

my brther has gone by his Middle name his whole life and said hes never had a problem with it just have to tell people what he goes by.


Lacy - January 28

I named Nataleigh after my mom who died in 2002. Her name was Leigh. I think it would be a wonderful way to honor your brothers memory. Nolan is also a beautiful name



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