ABC Mommies Aiden Update

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jazminesmom - August 14

hey everyone, where is everyone???? well lets see aiden is big i am guessing 20 pounds, but dont know. he is out of his pumpikin seat and in a rear facing seat now. he is 5 months today and almost has his 1st tooth, i give is a few more days and he will have it. he loves eating baby food, he doesnt like sweet potatoes though. i am trying to get him to sit up on his own he does for a few second then either slumps forword or falls over. well let me know how your littles one are.


rrc - August 14

Levi update- He's only 3 1/2 months old. I think we were the last to go from the ABC mommies. His 4 month check is in two weeks, so I don't know his current weight or anything. His 3-6 month clothes are almost too small and he's wearing a lot of 6-9 month ones. He tries to roll over, but hasn't yet. He grabs onto things now. He loves bouncing in his jumperoo. He started sleeping through the night at 7 1/2 weeks, so that's been great. Overall, Levi is a wonderful baby. Very happy and smiley! I feel so blessed! I love this mommy stuff! :) And my DH is such a good Daddy. It's so cute to watch the two of them together! I struggled with b___stfeeding the first couple months. I got mast_tis and thrush, but stuck it out. I'm glad I did now, but man was that rough! Anyhow, Levi is an amazing kid. I thank God every day for the precious gift he is to me! How's everyone else? ~Rachel


jazminesmom - August 15

that is wonderfull to hear, i tried b___stfeeding when we got home, i wasnt able to feed him while he was in the nicu and when i could it was the day he went home andhe didnt want to latch and we tried alot, and my supply wasnt enough for him so i pumped and mixed my milk with formula untill he was 3 or 3 1.2 months. now he eats baby cereal for breakfeast and veggie and fruit for luch and vegies and fruit for dinner, he is out of 3-6 stuff and some 6-9 stuff, aiden as a jummer thing too and loves it.



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