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SugarLover - October 7

This chemical (aspartame) has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) who said that an individual can safely consume 97 packets of aspartame every day. Aspartame is in many products including some that children use such as diet soda, light yogurt, Flintstone Vitamins, baked goods, puddings, and Winterfresh gum. It has been known to cause headaches, nausea, vision problems, seizures and cancer in its users.---------------- The ingredients in aspartame are aspartic acid, phenylalanine, and methyl alcohol. Methyl alcohol is a chemical that breaks down in high temperatures and turns into formaldehyde and DKP (diketopiperazine), two chemicals known to cause problems in the nervous system. Aspartame's life is 262 days at 77 degrees Fahrenheit, or 25 degrees Celsius. The FDA gets more complaints about aspartame than any other food or drink. The symptoms of aspartame are a lot like the symptoms of multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer's disease. Ever since aspartame was approved in l985, there has been an increase in brain tumors. There is no direct proof that aspartame caused the brain tumors, but there is enough reason to suspect that, and the television show, "60 Minutes" recently did a report linking the increase in brain cancer to aspartame use. --------------------- The FDA reviewed Searle's studies of this artificial sweetener in which rats were fed aspartame daily with their meals for one year. There were 12 brain tumors in the 320 rats that were fed aspartame and no brain tumors in the 120 rats that were not fed aspartame. ------------------- There was also a study done at the University of Wisconsin on rhesus monkeys. They were fed aspartame daily. After day 200 of a one year study the monkeys developed epileptic seizures. After the study ended, the aspartame was discontinued and the monkeys were are fully watched for 60 days. The monkeys had no more seizures.


too bad - October 7

sugar doesnt melt in your iced tea.


that's why - October 7

you mix your sugar before icing your tea.


too bad - October 7

I don't make iced tea at home, only order it when going out to dinner.


Question - October 7

is the product no good once it becomes hot because whatever chemical reaction can't be reversed by cooling it? or does cooling it reverse it?


Jbear - October 7

Maybe I'm old...does anyone else remember how they did those studies where Sweet-n-Low was shown to cause cancer, and then later it came out that the studies were faked by the sugar industry?


N - October 7

Honestly, until it was brought up in this forum a few days ago I had never heard anything about aspratame.. all I knew was that I HATE the way it tastes and can't even eat diet yogurt without gagging. I looked it up on wikipedia last night and there is so much controversy over it I still don't know what to think. It's hard to know what is true and what isn't these days.


to Jbear - October 7

We're both old becuase everything causes cancer now adays, and studies are always funded by some else who benefits from something being good or evil.


oh and - October 7

did you hear about the "beef" between OJ makers and flavored water makers? I bet one of them will be found to cause cancer in near future.


to "to Jbear" - October 7

The NIH funds many/most studies and does not stand to benefit (in a way that biases them) from the findings. An att_tude like that is common amongst people who cannot comprehend the primary articles so they choose to display ignorance rather than try to gain some acutal knowledge from the studies, both supportive and unsupportive of the "claim".


in response - October 7

You get a big sighing "OH PLEASE" as if the NIH can not be politically manipulated. Grants from the NIH are competive and if you happen to be doing research that is not on the "approved" list, then guess what no $$$ for you from them. If you choose not believe it, that's fine. And just to clear things up I was not refering to any "unbiased government" studies but rather studies conducted by the sugar company as JBEAR suggested. There was a reason I posted "to JBEAR" because I responding to her post. And not to the orginal post or any others, you should work on your skills of deductive reasoning, before a__suming that I was slamming you or your original post. Furthermore, I have no doubt that this stuff is harmful but so is tons of other stuff the FDA , a government funded agency, approves. Don't even bother coming back to say you didn't post it, because either you did or one of your buddies did. How else would you know it was an NIH study, since the NIH was never mentioned in any post here.


to in response - October 7

I have not memorized who funded what particular study, but I was responding to your categorical statement, "and studies are always funded by...", and I wanted to tell you that is not always the case. Obviously "I" posted "it". I have no clue where you are going with that accusation. As far as the NIH being politically manipulated (double sigh), sure, they have been and are sometimes. It's a government funding agency. It does not take a smartypants to do that math. So, what does their gov't affiliation have to do with the FINDINGS that aspartame is a neurotoxin and has been shown to cause tumors and cancer in controlled and unbiased studies? Please entertain me with how the sugar industry has a secret, or public coalition with the gov't to blast aspartame.


to in response - October 7

Why do you care who benefits from the irrefutable evidence that aspartame is toxic to the body? Maybe you should realize that the public ultimately could benefit if they weren't in such denial about the hazzards of the chemicals they love to ingest. People should be grateful that there are others who spend every day running boring a__s studies (I guess they benefit b/c they get paid!) so the FDA doting public can learn the truth behind all the unatural c___p they fill their bodies with.


in response - October 7

it seems in your haste to reply to me you missed two very important points in my post. #1 "And just to clear things up I was not refering to any "unbiased government" studies but rather studies conducted by the sugar company as JBEAR suggested. There was a reason I posted "to JBEAR" because I responding to her post. " #2 "Furthermore, I have no doubt that this stuff is harmful ..." Lastly it does matter who funds a study because as you know $$$ talks and if you give someone enough of it you can get them to say whatever you want.


to in response - October 7

Now I feel like a dumba__s. I never saw that post by JBear. Sometimes you skim past the thread so fast that it bites you in the a__s later. Sheesh, I am hasty today. If it makes you feel better, I am shrinking in my chair.


Karine - October 8

My daughter had 2 seizures from the time she was 18months old to the time she was 2 1/2yrs old. BUT i coudnt blame it on the aspartame, as i found out i was living in a moldy appartment, and it was quickly showing in my daughters bedroom. My MIL told me about aspartame, and me trying to find WHY she was having sudden seizures, tryied anything that i was told, so i looked in my coberts for any aspartame, i only found Diet coke(wich i always dranked now for 5yrs) and my daughters vitamins (Jean-coutu pharmacy brand) they were full of aspartame!!! when she got her first seizure we had been in the appartment for only a month, and i had started the vitamines, cause she needed them, she was in a stage that she stopped eating addequatly. And their she had a seizure. My daughter had a seizure in april of 2005...again. It is a couple of weeks after that i found out the side effect of aspartame. and that she was taking some everyday. i through them out. BUT i also discovered mold, that was in may, and sure enough by june i was out. We are now living in a nice house, that dosent have mold and she celebrated her 3rd bday. she hasnt had a cold or seizures. We lived at the other place for 1 1/2yrs. My daughter and even sun were sick with colds all the time, my hubby had diarreah all the time, i had migraines (daily) pain joints. that i had been having for 5yrs. (but was sure that it was the abuse from the previous relationship i had, cause it was at the same time i started to drink diet pop) and beleive it or not i was gaining weight!!!! and couldnt figure out why. i stoped the use of diet pop.i was at almost 135lbs. when i stopped i quickly stopped having migraines, pain joints, and i went down from 135lbs to 119lbs. WOW....Unfortunalty i had to put my son on vitamins, cause he wasnt eating meat, and he dosent like eggs either, so he was low in iron and it was showing in his skin colour and his black pouches under his eyes. BUT i actually looked on the flintsone bottles, for picky meat eaters and its made with real sugar NOT aspartame, i was releived. We are now in october, and we havnt been sick. NO colds NO nothing. BUT here we have no proof that it was aspartame, although my muscle pain had started 5 yrs ago, and my migraines had escaladed too for the past 5 yrs. And that it when i started diet coke. And it was also proven that aspartame made you want to eat more, so in another way, it makes you gain weight. I was finding myself munching ALL the time, and now, i eat my 3 meals with an afternoon snack. And iam feeling full of energy, even with this third pregnancy. When i was pregnant with both other kids, i had constant migraines, stomach pains. And absolutly NO energy!!! Anways, that is only my situation, but like alot of people is saying, NOTHING proved that ASPARTAME is DANGEROUS to use. But in my situation i beleive that it is, iam not obsessed about not using it, but i do make sure my kids dont have it in their daily vitamines. itll happen that i will shew some aspartame gum. but iam trying to replace my chocolate cravings, and shewing gum is the alternative i found!


Narcissus - October 9

There are few proofs in this world. All you need to do is look at the research and it shows a very likely possibility that aspartame is toxic to your body. As usual, the amounts of aspartame that were fed to lab animals were much greater than what we consume. But, so what. Just look at its chemical composition and research the effects of those chemicals on your health. What more do you need than tumors and seizures in the study grps vs none of the above in the control grps, replicated over and over and over... Moderation is definitely key when it comes to the artificial sweeteners, colorings, etc.... The 10% methanol in aspartame turns to formaldehyde at cooler temps and when in storage for a long time. At higher temps, I believe it turns to DKP, a carcinogen. Either way, you are eating something that is 10% methanol per serving, and its metabolites are formaldehyde and formate. Scary.



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