Accidently Cut Her Thumb

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Tahlia's Mama - August 16

This morning Tahlia had scatches all over her face, so I decided it was time to take the plunge and cut her nails. I was going well, and on the last one (her thumb) she screamed at me and all of a sudden there was blood pouring out everywhere. She only cried a little bit, but I felt my heart just crush inside my chest. I got a plaster, but it was too big for her tiny little thumb, so I trimmed it up as best I could and put it over the cut. Then I put some gloves on her to stop her sucking on it. I've felt rotten all day. I'd never do anything to hurt her intentionally. I'm not using clippers again, I'm sticking with emery boards from now on.


Jbear - August 16

That happens to all of us at least once, don't feel bad. Have you seen those new baby nailclippers that have a magnifying gla__s that folds out over the cutting area? I'm thinking of trying them. The good news for you is, fingertips are the fastest healing area of the body. In a day or two she'll be all better.


soleil - August 16

O its okay... that happend to me once. I cut my daughters nails while she was sleeping and i guess it didnt hurt her because she didnt wake up and when she did wake up it was as if nothing. It did bleed though, i also felt sooo bad that i got scared to cut her nails anymore. I will look into that magnifying gla__s one.


Sera - August 16

I'm pregnant, and I bought some of the nail clippers with a magnifying gla__s attatched. I'm hoping they will help. I plan on only clipping her nails when she sleeps. My OB told me that the best way to keep their nails trimmed was to just bite them off. I do it to my niece and it's so much easier but I'm still going to try the clippers with my daughter.


kEEKEE - August 16

Accidents happen!!! Try not to worry and feel bad. We all have cut our baby's finger. DH had a heart attack when Jordan's finger was bleeding. Guess who cause the bleeding? Yup. me.....heeehee....I was the bad mom for the day until he did the same thing. No manner what you do. The baby has a chance of being cut. Try having someone else holding her while you are cutting her finger nails. It is much easier. Take care


Sheila - August 16

This is a huge fear for me too. fortunately I have a girly girl, she loves being pampered. She actually sits still and watches as I clip her nails. Of course half way through she wants to give it a go on her own.


Ashley - August 16

OMG... I did this also just a few days ago! I could not stop crying because I felt so horrible and it seemed as though her thumb would never stop bleeding. What a horrible feeling!!!


Michelle - August 16

I have done the same thing. I felt sooo bad, but it does happen. Trust me, worse things will happen. Now my daughter is 13 months old and she has no problems with me cutting her fingernails. She just looks at me and goes about her business.


Tahlia's Mama - August 16

Thanks girls. I feel so much better today, knowing that it happens to lots of new mothers. I checked her thumb out this morning and it has almost healed already. I haven't seen clippers with a magnifying gla__s, but I will keep a look out. But I'm definitely not using ANY kind of clippers for a while.



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