Achey And Feeling Crappy Worried

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chrissi79 - February 21

Uhh, as if we new moms don't have enough to worry about, I don't know if I'm getting sick or if this is to do with my BP meds, but last night I was up throughout the whole night with a very achey back and shoulders (like when you're sick), and then caught a chill. I felt like every ounce of nourishment had been sucked right out of me...but I had the exact same thing a few days ago as went away after I ate breakfast and downed some juice...then the other day I had a dizzy/blackout spell...and today I woke up and ate something right away, had a bunch of juice and feel like I can't get enough food in me!!! Its kind of like a hangover feeling...still feel achey in my back though, but no other symptoms really. Just tired and achey. I am still taking my HBP meds, but i think they are the cause of all this...even when I took my pulse last night it was so weak I could barely find it. Its better now b/c I didn't take my meds this morning...what do you think?


mosley12 - February 21

what bp meds are you on? im on bp meds and they make me feel soooo sick. i have to take them efore i go to bed so i can try to sleep through the effects


chrissi79 - February 21

I'm on labetalol what are you on??


eclipse - February 21

I would talk to your doctor asap-they may have you on the wrong dosage for where you are now, or you might have the flu. I would rule out anything else, though. I hope you feel better soon!!! Try to get some extra rest (yeah, right)


tryingx3 - February 21

do you b___stfeed? could it be mast_tis?


chrissi79 - February 21

tryingx3, yes, I do b___stfeed...what are the symptoms of mast_tis??


chrissi79 - February 21

Hmm, just checked out Mast_tis symptoms, I think this is what I have...going to the docs tomorrow aft.


LollyM - February 22

Yes, I had Mast_tis and that's what it felt like. I got a piece of advice from this forum that was the best advice EVER and I will share it with you! Nurse the baby with his/her face on the opposite side of the sore spot in your b___b. I a__sume you have a sore spot? It worked like a charm for me and I didn't even feel sick long enough to make it to the dr. after I tried it! Good luck and I hope you feel better!


chrissi79 - February 22

LollyM, I was reading up on it...the article said something like that too,that u should change the positions in order to empty all the ducts. I've been doing that and feel so much bette this morning. I was scared I had the flu and the first line of the article I read said "brastfeeding women who think they have the flu probably have Mast_tis"...there ya have it, all the symptoms were there and i was complaining the day before of a sore spot on my b___st...hopefully we dont have any repeats of it!!!!



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