Acid Reflux

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PaigeMeagans mommy - March 1

Ladies who are experiencing this with your little ones I have a question. My dd was just diagnosed with the acid reflux and she is 8 weeks old. It has been pure h__l for the last 6 weeks not knowing what was wrong. Anyhow, they just put her on Pepcid and she takes .05 two times a day. How long did it take ya'll to notice and difference and did it make a difference at all or is there something else that works better? Any help would be appreciated. Hard having a baby crying all the time and a 20 month old daughter crying because the other one is crying. Getting at my witts end here and I am working mother also, so I am very drained....mentally and physically.


Bonnie - March 1

I feel your pain. :) The medicines generally need 2 weeks to take full effect (joy). Mine did not respond to Zantac or Pepcid so we are now starting Prevacid which is the next group of medicines up. My ped would not prescribe this for me either. He eventually referred us to a GI specialist who we saw Monday and has now put him on that. If it does nto work keep going b ack, you may need to see a GI at some point as they are far better trained for this stuff. Check out (I am Mirra there) It's a very supportive site with a lot of info. Also there is a journal you can print out to start monitoring everything. I find this is very helpful for your doctors.


Cat - March 1

I noticed results with Zach in 24 hours w/the Zantac. He's not 100%, but the fits are short lived and not so intense. He's been on it almost a week.


PaigeMeagans mommy - March 1

So the question much time should I give it if its not working?


JEN - March 1

i DID NOT SEE RELIEF WITH ZANTAC UNTIL ABOUT 2 WEEKS (SORRY!) Oops- I just realized that I was in CAPS! Anyway, each day got a llittle better, and it is really helping him now. He takes 1.0 two times a day (at 13lbs). I hope it works for you!


Bonnie - March 1

I would say if you see absolutely no improvement after 3-5 days I'd call the ped.


Nerdy Girl - March 1

Ladies, what were the signs of your babies' reflux? My son has always had feeding and gas problems since birth. He was a horrible b___stfeeder, so we only lasted b___stfeeding exclusively for 6 weeks. Then I pumped for 6 more weeks, gradually tapering off my supply before switching to formula. Then we had to switch from regular Enfamil/Similac to Enfamil Gentlease and also to the Dr. Browns bottle. He is much less fussy and ga__sy (screaming!) on the Gentlease, but still has his bad moments. Also, he burps and spits up A LOT. I mean, really spits up quite a lot in the past few days. I actually have a call in to the pediatrician about it. However, he is gaining weight very well (he is HUGE!), and I know that low weight is a sign of reflux. Do you think it's possible he has it?


Cat - March 1

***Symptoms of reflux and reflux disease*** Some common symptoms of uncomplicated reflux can include: constant or sudden crying or colic like symptoms irritability and pain poor sleep habits typically with frequent waking arching their necks and back during or after eating spitting-up or vomiting wet burp or frequent hiccups frequent ear infections or sinus congestion Your child does not need to exhibit all of these symptoms, in fact, only having one of the above could mean they have reflux. It does not; however, mean they need treatment. If your child is showing one or more of the above symptoms but is otherwise happy and healthy then some simple lifestyle modifications will likely make life better until they outgrow it. Symptoms indicative of Reflux Disease or GERD: refusing food or accepting only a few bites despite being hungry or the exact opposite requiring constant small meals or liquid food/oral aversions anemia excessive drooling running nose, sinus infections swallowing problems, gagging, choking chronic hoarse voice frequent red, sore throat without infection present apnea chronic ear infections respiratory problems—pneumonia, bronchitis, wheezing, asthma, night-time cough, aspiration gagging themselves with their fingers or fist (sign of esophagitis) poor weight gain, weight loss, failure to thrive erosion of dental enamel neck arching (Sandifer's Syndrome) bad breath As with reflux, children with GERD will not necessarily exhibit all these symptoms, for example children with silent reflux will not throw up. Another child suffering from asthma or chronic ear infections may actually have undiagnosed reflux that requires treatment. One or more of the symptoms listed could mean your child has reflux or GERD. If you believe your child shows any of these signs, educate yourself on the treatment methods and then contact your doctor to discuss the best way to treat your child. Written By RMacLean, Author Feb. 2001 Last modified, Jan. 2005 Reviewed By Dave Olson, MD Fellow, American Academy of Pediatrics Graduate University of Michigan School of Medicine


Cat - March 1

They don't always lose weight, sometimes they don't even spit up/vomit...they swallow it instead. Does he have colic like behavior? Refuse b___st/bottle sometimes, arch his back??? Those are the three big issues with my son, who has reflux. I've also read grunting can be a sign, but I'm not sure if that's true. My son grunted A LOT, he doesn't much now though. My other two boys never grunted.


Bonnie - March 1

My Mason has silent reflux. He never spits up or vomits. He is also a comfort eater. The acid comes up his throat and he swallows it back down, it burns the whole way. The formula coats his esophagus easing the pain so he has put on a LOT of weight. He sleeps less than 9 hours in a 24 hour period (he's only 5 weeks), he chokes on his formula often, grunts often, never stops crying EVER except when eating or sleeping, hiccups often, snores, etc is the most God awful thing ever.


mommy716 - March 2

Michael was the same age when he was diagnosed with AR, we switched him to Isomil and the doctor put him on Zantac. he is now almost 8 months old and still on Zantac, but he is a very cheery baby


PaigeMeagans mommy - March 2

My daughter Meagan is the same as Bonnie's. She comforts not feeling good by eating. She eats non stop. She is 8 weeks old and already weighs almost 12 pounds. The doctor says she is too heavy, but that is what she did to keep the acid coated...I guess you can say. The pepcid is helping somewhat, but last night she had a bad night in the evening. She went to sleep at 9 and when I left at 7:15 this morniing.....she was still asleep. :) So, maybe she is getting relief. I hope! But my dd has all the same symptons as Bonnie's little baby boy. We can all hope this will get better in time.


Ca__sieSong - March 2

My dd was diagnosed with AR just a couple of weeks ago. She is on Axid now and it has helped a lot. She only cries now when she is tired or hungry. She is my happy baby now!! She was diagnosed at 10 weeks... I wish I would have found out sooner!!


Bonnie - March 2

Update on Mason.......Mason had his swallow study today to check for aspiration. He does not aspirate. However, they DID find another major problem. He does not swallow properly. He has some muscle issues. For one thing he has a small bit of torticullis. His tongue thrust is all out of whack causing problems. The muscles are too tight. When he drinks he suckles 4 times before he swallows which the guy said is a pretty significant problem. They are supposed to suckle once and then swallow. His tongue is just working over drive when he drinks and it tires him out which he said is why he still quivers so much (every pause he quivers). Because of the way he drinks there is a ma__sive amount of air being swallowed. Hence why he is probably having such horrible tummy cramps. We already use gas drops and Dr.Brown bottles (even used that bottle during the test and we saw sooo much air going down). We have an appointment next wed. with a woman who I guess will be doing treatments (exercises I a__sume) on him to get his muscles all loosened up. He said a lot of times it only takes a few treatments though it can take longer. He also said that too much air can cause reflux. Plus he has had these tummy aches all along (which is why we thought allergies and kept changing to Neocate). SO....the good news is that we finally have something else diagnosed (I pray that is all, lol) and that it is possible that once he is drinking properly with no air, it may even stop the reflux and formula problems. This potentially could solve everything. The bad news? We have to wait a week till she is back in office and who knows how long this will take to get him drinking right. In the meantime, there is nothing we can do for the pain. I guess I will be asking the doc for Zoloft next week after all to make this more bearable.


Nerdy Girl - March 2

Thanks for all of the info. My son has some of the symptoms but definitely not all. My ped told me that they do not typically medicate for reflux unless the baby is not gaining weight or is just totally miserable. She suggested I decrease the volume of my son's feedings to no more than 4 ounces at a time, even if that means I have to feed him more frequently. I started doing that today, and already he is spitting up a lot less. And he is mostly a happy baby, but sometimes it seems like he is really uncomfortable. It is probably not reflux then. PaigeMeagans mommy, I am surprised they thought your daughter was too heavy. My son weighed 14 lbs 8 oz at his 8 week appointment and they did not seem concerned that he was too heavy. He is 3 months old now and I am guessing he is somewhere around 17 pounds (according to my bathroom scale!). He is wearing 12M clothes now, so he is clearly eating enough. Ha, ha.


PB - March 3

Ca__sie-How long did it take for the Axid to work? My baby girl was given Axid by our ped and I haven't notived much difference over the past 2-3 days. This whole situation is just awful...I feel so helpless because I know she is in pain and I can't comfort her. Sometimes it helps if I hold her upright and on her side against my chest. I was told that lying on their backs is painful. She has many of the syptoms many of you have mentioned...the gas, arching back, crying, waking up, grunting, spitting up, stuffy nose, and a scratchy throat from the acid. I am calling the ped in the morning because I'm not sure theaxid is doing what it is supposed to. Also, for any of you who are b___stfeeding, I was told today to eliminate citris juices, carbonated bevs, tomato based juices/sauces from my diet because there is a lot of acid in them that makes the reflux worse for baby. I hope it works because until today, I hade been drinking about a quart of orange juice and pine/orange/banana a day, as well as tons of V8. I hope it makes a difference!


PaigeMeagans mommy - March 3

To Nerdy Girl......Yea I just went by what the doctor told me regarding her weight. I would have no idea, because my other daughter is 20 months old and only weighs 19 pounds. She is very tall and slender like my husband. She is underweight, but very healthy. So honestly, I don't know normal weights for a baby. The pepcid is going on day 3 now and she seems to be doing much better. She spits up a little, but not as much as she was. She is now becoming a happy baby. Something I have missed. I will keep everyone updated. Bonnie......I hope everything gets better for your little one. So hard seeing babies like that and there is nothing you can do for them. :(



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