Acne Filled And Chapped HELP

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corissa - December 7

My daughter was born with a slight case of baby acne, but now at 6 weeks old it has gotten worse. It is all over her face! And, to top it off her little cheeks feel like sand paper from being dry. Does anyone know of anything that would help the chapped cheeks but not irritate the acne? I have seen baby lotion made especially for chapped cheeks but I am not sure how this would affect the acne. Any advice? Thanks!


Rachael mommy2lucas - December 7

I'm not sure about how anything for the cheeks would affect the acne, but I use vasoline on my son's chappy cheeks, for some reason I have not been able to find the teeny faces by gerber.


Sin - December 7

hydrocortisone cream and eurcerin is what was reccommended to me for my baby's chapped cheeks.


Narcissus - December 7

I would consult with a dermatologist. My son had a horrible rash when born and that is who treated him. Good luck.


Julie - December 7

My son had the same thing at 6 wks. he is now 7.5 wks. and it is gone. But his face is hard and chapped. I have just been washing his face daily with a damp cloth and using Mustela baby lotion on his face. It hasn't made the acne any worse and is helping smooth the dry cheeks. You can buy it online or in fine department stores.


kate - December 7

b___stfeeding? b___stmilk works too. just rub it in. also, lansinoh lanolin.


monica - December 7

b___st milk for me...but it didnt for my friend, b___st milk actually made her babies acne worse.


from kate to monica - December 7

oh - i wasn't thinking about the acne. just the dry chapped skin. thanks!


Kt - December 7

Hi there. My daughter is 5 weeks olds and has the same problem. I have found that she is super sensitive to the detergent in peoples clothes when they hold her. I make sure that there is always a blanket or burp cloth with her detergent between her and anyone holding her and it really helps. I also go the hydrocortizone that is only .5 %, that is what the doctor said and you can only put it on 3 times a day in a real thin layer. The other thing the doctor gave me on Monday is Aquafor. It is a clear cream that can be used at any time and isn't toxic if it gets in their mouth. My daughter has really chapped skin around her mouth and i use this all the time and it is much better. Good luck!



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