Acne Prescriptions While Bf Ing

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jenna32 - January 30

Does anyone know if you can get any? i want to make an appointment with my doctor to get rid of it but i don't know if anything is safe while br___tfeeding. i'd assume accutane would be out of the question. has anyone else been allowed to take anything? even just topical?


stefkay - January 30

I know my dermatologist wouldn't do anything while I was pregnant or b___stfeeding. I did Accutane almost 3 years ago and it worked awesomely, but now I am starting to have a lot of acne again. Not sure what is up with that. It is hormones I know, but I have no clue where my hormones are at right now since I am b___stfeeding and I've not had a period. I had clear skin in my pregnancy too, so I don't konw why now??? I hate it and my skin looks horrible. I want to do something for it but even after bf'ing I won't ever do Accutane again until I know I'm done having kids. I'm scared of that stuff as it is HARSH. It worked, but I'm afraid it might fry my eggs or something.


jenna32 - January 30

has it really killed a womans eggs before? i've heard some horror stories but not that one yet. But i've heard it works itleast. now you are scaring me to ever use it!! lol. Thanks for the advice so far. i was on that clyndamycin stuff you were talking about BEFORE i knew i was pregnant ,luckilly no harm done to the baby. So don't worry i know what you are talking about! Maybe i'll go ask about it. Yeah,acne totally sucks, mine is more moderate, For some people it looks severe, i feel bad for them. Pileing on the coverup really doesn't help them get better,more zits just end up popping up for me,it's so fraustrating.


stefkay - February 2

Yeah, I've done the Benzaclin and like it but he won't give it to me until I'm done bf'ing. Mine isn't horrible, but to me any sucks. I've gone almost totally clear since the accutane so I hate seeing new ones pop up. Also some of it for me is that I'm so busy with the baby now that I don't wash my face like I used to! Oh, don't worry about the Accutane, I was being dramatic, lol. I've never heard that, but I worried about it b/c I had so many miscarriages before having my daughter and the dr's never really pinpointed what was the cause. We believe it was a combination of things but I always wondered "what if", you know? I'm not getting any younger either (33) so I kind of want to see if we are having any more before I take something so strong internally again. Good luck! Let me know if you hear of anything good. I may try proactive again. It worked ok, but was a pain to do 2 times a day.


jenna32 - February 2

oh,good. lol. i don't blame you. I want a big family one day. I'm so sorry about your miscarriages, that's so devastating. Same here!! When i first had the baby,i don't understand how you find time to wash your face or brush your teeth at all! I am fearing my next dentist checkup, i will probably have like 10 cavities. That clyndamicin stuff was working pretty good for me at the time, so either that or like you said proactiv, but that stuff only seems to go so far.



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