Active 4 6 Month Old

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DDT - November 13

Anyone else have an extremely active baby? My ds is 5.5 months old and I have never seen or experienced such an active baby. There is such an intensity to everything he does. Ds1 was so docile and unmotivated that all this behaviour with ds2 is really surprising and tiring for me. He is like the Energizer bunny....anyways, over the last 2 weeks or so he has started rolling more and more. Now it's all he wants to do. Nap time is impossible...he rolls back and forth over and over without tiring. He plays with his blanket and soother. He puts the soother in and out his mouth...or throws it and retrieves...over & over again! I had to completely bare out his crib so that he wasn't stimulated by anything. But it doesn't seem to help because of the rolling. Hopefully it a phase and the rolling becomes old news and he moves onto another milestone. I just wanted to see what other Moms of little tikes this age are experiencing.


beardtl - November 27

My son just turned 7 mos and he is EXTREMELY active. he has been this way since late three months. He started to roll over from back to tummy right at four months. his daycare was amazed. he started to army crawl at late four months and crawling at 5 mos. now he is standing and pulling up and can walk around the table etc while holding on. He only sleeps a total of two hours per day (on a good day) b/n the hours of 7 am to 8 pm. He is non stop going. i have gotten to the point where we just let him go and we've found that he will wear himself out. He is everywhere and into everything. at his 6 mos checkup the dr was amazed b/c he was all over the table. i asked her (dr) if this was a sign of ADHD and she laughed but said he was just abnormally active for his age. this is our first so i don't have anyone to compare him too but i can say his dad has been treating him like a one yr old since he was born so that may have contributed to it. they wrestle and play all the time. I know its tiring but then i worry when he's not too active.



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