Active Sleeper

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Shanna - June 21

Do any of your little ones move around a lot in their sleep? Our dd does, guess she could be dreaming. When she is in a deep sleep, she will lay still. Sometimes I will hold her while she is napping (love to watch her facial expressions!!) and she will turn her head side to side, stretch out her legs, etc. I know when we first brought her home from the hospital, she would lay very still all the time when she slept, it just seems like shes more active during light sleep, maybe thats why she is so skinny!! Anyone else have a sleeper like this?


binkys mom - June 21

My son is all over the place. The first 3 months he hardly ever 11 months (started once he could roll over)...I never now where in his crib he will end up. B___t up in the air, legs hanging through the crib. Question...I am new at room lingo..what is dd?


Ang - June 21

my ds who is 6months does that, even though I swaddle him I have to rewrap him 1-2 times everynight. He's a wigglers and manages to get out of his blankets and positioner every night lol


Kel - June 21

dd= dear daughter, ds = dear son, etc. My lilttle is very active as well. She is a little chub though. half the time I think she is awake cause she'll be making so much noise and I go to her and she is fast asleep. Must be having a good time. The best is when she is laughing in her sleep!


Shanna - June 21

It is cute when they laugh in their sleep! Sometimes I will lay her down in her crib with her head at one end, feet at the other and in the morning I will go to pick her up and she has turned herself around the other way, head and feet at the opposite ends. I used to swaddle her, now I don't even bother covering her with a blanket since she kicks it right off.


luvbendict - June 21

My ds is a very active sleeper since the day he was born. He would stretch and stretch and stretch. I just swaddled him for a month because he would kick it off and did not like it. Then at the time he was able to roll over he would sit and roll over the place when he asleep. He sleeps in his playard all the time because he bump his head many times in the crib. No wonder my ds is skinny too he is very active either when he asleep or awake.



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