Activities For 14 Week Old

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squished - October 1

What do you do with your lo's all day? I am staying at home right now with our ds and I don't know what to do with him all day. Playing on his mat, crib, swing, only takes up so much time. What do you do with them the rest of the time. I still carry him around quite a bit as he likes to look forward while I walk around the house. I was just curious as to what the rest of you were doing! Thanks :)


JerseyGirl - October 1

You could be me writing this post! My almost 16-week-old and I have a circuit that consists of crib with mobile, tummy time on blanket and/or Boppy, play mat, vibrating Papasan, sitting in Bumbo seat - that's in no particular order. Sometimes I have to use the same thing twice. In between is food and naps. If it's nice outside, we take a walk. I work from home but have a nanny come in 3 days a week. She reads and sings to him a lot too.


excited2bemama - October 1

LOL- I wondered this too- There is onyl so much you can do with them- my 4 month old just started hating her bouncy seat - so now we throw her in a exersacuer or the jolly jumper ( with a blanket around her to hely keep her upright). She plays on her back or tummy on the floor alot or in my lap while I am on the computer. I also take her for walks everyday ( she LOVES the outside) and usually I or DH put her in the baby bjorn and walk around the house a lt_te bit and do laundry or make dinner or whatever.


wailing - October 1

HAHAA. So hilarious. I was just sitting here thinking this too:-) Ds is 15 wks and we are going shopping 2mrw b/c I am convinced ds is BORED TO DEATH w/ the same ol' thing day in and day out. JERSEYGIRL---ur routine sounds like mine:-) I'm getting either the exersuacer or jumperoo for him 2mrw (can't fit both into small condo). I'm hoping that will take up some more time. LIke u all, I do the same things: mats, tummytime, swing, Bumbo. Walks are best for both of us but, w/ the weather getting cooler I'm scared we will be housebound and bored to tears soon. I think at this age, they are happy w/ anything we do and really love the routine. I think it's probably us that gets bored. I try to go out w/ ds everyother day to do errands or visit ppl (something different other then just a walk). I feel like if we do something in public (even going to the grocery store) once in a while, it helps stimulate him. I've also thought about joining a mommy group but really at this age it's not as if they can "play" so it's really more for us. How bout mom and baby yoga?


squished - October 1

I was just thinking about getting one of those jumperoos. The exersaucers are pretty cool too and I'm not sure which one we should get....we'll probably eventually end up with both LOL!! I too think it's us that get bored and not the babies :)



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