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Sims1 - October 15

Hi Ladies, my lo is almost 5 months and my question to everyone else is what do you all typically do with your lo's during the day?! I play with him all day, but i have to admit i'm guilty of havin the tv on constantly whether i watch it or don't. and then it happens only for a couple of baby shows, but i've guilty of putting him in his chair and putting him infront of the tv.......i just need me time sometimes, his naps are way too short and i usually nap with him on his first nap. i dont' really go out anymore because i find it difficult when he's crying in the back seat, and walks are tough because we live in a construction zone. sometimes if dh is late getting home i'll go out for a walk at 5 when the construction guys are gone home.....what do you guys do?? any ideas of things i should be trying something fun, something easy? thanks!!


Sims1 - October 15

btw i'm not really complaining i don't mind my days, although i do feel lethargic a lot of time, but i'm wondering if there's things that i could try differently.


DDT - October 15

Well, with a 20 month old and a 4 month old I am kept very busy during the day. My days just fly by. But when it was just ds1 I signed him up for baby cla__ses to break up the week. When he was 5-6 months I signed him up for swimming lessons and a Gymboree cla__s. He loved both and it was great social interaction for both of us. We also went for 2 walks a day. I am a huge fan of having a routine and started young with both my kids. Ds1 was napping 3x a day (1.5hr each) until he was about 9 months old. Then it went down to 2x (1.5hr each) until he was 18 months old. I really think having a fixed routine helped him nap/sleep better overall. Do you have a Jumperoo? Both my lo's love/d it. Tummy time is also essential.


wv_red - October 15

Hey Sims!! How have you been???? Victoria's naps are super short too so I feel ya. i usually tend to find myself being extremely silly with her. You know just doing things to make her laugh like putting her on her bouncy and hiding in the same room and playing hide and seek. I do really stupid stuff. Usually our biggest adventure for the week is the grocery store and books! Oh oh naked baby time!!! She loves that. It makes her happy. Oh yes and thank goodness for the jumparoo. It helps alot when I need to do my stuff. I think your doing just fine. I dont hardly go anywhere but I try to make each day an adventure for both of us. If you ever need any one to talk to or anything my facebook address is under our forum, its also on myspace. Give me a shout anytime. Or even just post on here. Hell I could use the conversation myself so I hope to hear from you! Till then.....


jenna32 - October 15

When we do get out, i like to take dd to the park,she can crawl around on the playground,come on the swing on my lap and she does alright on the baby swing to. she is 10 months though. We go outside on our deck for fresh air when we get the chance,go out and use her walker,stroller jogs or walks to the store,park or just so i can get the will get much harder once the snow hits :( We won't be able to go out as long and everything. if your l.o isn't crawling yet you could just have diff activities outside like tummytime. or throw her exersaucer,jolly jumper,playgym thing ( whatever you have or something outside. i think the fresh air helps dd sleep. We also went swimming when the weather was nicer.


Sims1 - October 16

I definately have him on a schedule, no problem with when he sleeps and and when he eats...even at night i'm lucky he sleeps from nine to eight getting up once at 5........Red, I'm like you I don't get out much, but I play with him a lot and silly games too just to make him smile. the rest I've just been lazy. but i'm interested in mommy and me cla__ses, i will look up whats going on in our community. i was just curious as to whether i'm normal or not lol.


sarah21 - October 17

I go stark raving crazy if I stay in the house by myself all day every day so I usually go to my mom's twice a week to help her out (she has multiple sclerosis and some back problems) with grocery shopping and cleaning. That eats up two days since my mom watches my daughter most of the time. The other days we go out for at least one long walk, I sit her in her high chair a lot with a teething biscuit or zwieback toast while I clean or cook. She likes to just sit in my lap outside and look around so we do that, too. She spends quite a bit of time playing our beagle on the floor and in her jumperoo with Backyardigan's on TV. So yeah you're pretty normal. :)



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