Advice From My Family

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erenimi - May 8

I'm begging to get really annoyed with all the advice i'm getting from family members. My dd is 6 weeks old and everyone is telling me "my baby was sleeping through the night by then," and "you need to just let her cry for a while" a while being 1/2 an hour or more. Thats just not my parenting style. I'm getting all this advice i do not want, how do i tell people nicely that i do not want to hear it?


kimberley - May 8

Just listen and nod...then use what you can, and ignore the rest.......It seems everyone has something to add when it comes to parenting new they get too pushy, tell them you have your own plan, and although you dont mind input, this is your baby, and mother knows best ;-)


Ameyas mom - May 8

you know you are a good mom, don't let them get to you if everyone raised the neibours kids..wouldn't it be the perfect world!! every child is so different and at that age they cry because they need something not for the fun of it. Just say oh really and keep doing what you are... mother knows best.


krnj - May 8

I have the same problem with my mil. She thinks she knows everything and is driving me crazy!! I just listen and then do what I want. My ds is 8 weeks and is no where close to sleeping through the night! lol


Leahp - May 8

I know, doesn't it just drive you crazy!!! My MIL came to see the baby when she was four days old and told my husband and I that we need to put her down, that we hold her too much, but she was our brand new baby!!! We wanted to hold her and stare at her for hours!!! She is now seven months and just now started sleeping through the night in her crib, so just do what your doing, and you know that letting a six week old cry forever is not going to accomplish anything, they can't even self-sooth at that age, so hold and love that baby, because one day she'll be all grown up and all of us mothers won't be able to hold and rock them!!!


Ginny - May 8

I stopped giving out details that would warrant advice. My life has been easier since! I stopped telling that she would stay up at night or that her eating habits bothered me or anything like that, because that's what makes people feel like they know just what you need. Now when pesky advice givers ask me how my baby is, I say, "Perfect and beautiful." There's no advice that can top that.


nic nac - May 8

erenimi I know its hard to deal with i am dealing with it too. Since it's your family doing it, listening and nodding will eventually not work because they a__sume that your nodding means you agree (when you really don't). If they say something your not certain of whether its true or not, then say "thanks but hubby and I will figure out on our own what is best" or "I will talk to my dr. about it". Now if they are saying something you know isn't right, then I would tell them straight out to stop telling you what to do and that you are the parent not them. I know you don't want to get mean but pretending to agree just increases the unwanted advice. some people need to be told straight up to keep quiet so you have to decide which method is better for you.


austinsmom - May 8

THATS GREAT GINNY.....I think I will use that approach also!!!



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