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Angela - October 17

There are so many different brands of infant clothes out there and I'm wondering if any of you could let me know which ones you think are the highest quality. I want all cotton clothes that won't shrink or fade much after numerous washings, and that will remain soft. They all look great when you buy them but I've heard some of them turn to h__l quite quickly. If you have a brand that you really like, let me know! I don't want to spent a fortune, but I'd rather spend a little more if it means they will hold up well. Thanks :)


Amy from MN - October 17

My favorite brand is Gymboree! They are a bit more but they last and last and they have the cutest clothes!!! Also Hanna Andersson jammies are the best!! Always stay sorf, durable, and last a long tome with very little fading or piling!! I buy and sell alot on ebay! And whats nice about that, you can go to Gymboree spend $50.00 for a outfit or two and have your child get their wear out of it and snap a pic put it on ebay, and get 1/2 to 3/4 of your money back. I just love doing ebay! It allows me to make extra money to help out and I am able to stay at home with the kids! I go to garage sales and thrift stores all week long, I live near lake Minnetonka and the Millionaires sell their things at sales or dontate, so I buy something for 1.00 and sell it on ebay for 20.00!! I just love it!!


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - October 17

I really like Carters, Absorba, Gymboree, George, Just 1 year and Old Navy. I do not like the walmart brand made by carters. I have found they faid faster. Just remember 0-3-6 month lothes are worn the least amount of time. They grow so fast.


momma - October 17

i like carters, some items of the walmart brand, gerber sleepers, and old navy


-m - October 17

I really like Carters at and Gerber. They have lasted through many washing with no fading or falling apart. I don't like Baby Connection from walmart, but thats just because they fit my baby really weird.


keeks - October 17

Hate to say this but I found name brand clothes last longer. Tommy and Ralph lauren, Gap, and major name brands seem to fade less and last longer than walmart/kmart clothing. So I stick with name brands. It cost me less in the end. Good Luck


chelsey - October 17

I get a lot of the kids clothes from Sears. Not sure if it is in your area, but they have Kidvantage. If your kids out grow their clothes before they are worn out, they will replace them for free. They have a lot of brand name clothes and such for kids. Never had any worries about wear and tear.


P - October 17

My favourites are The Children's Place, Baby Gap and Old Navy. My daughter is seven months old and today was wearing something from The Children's Place that was a size 0-3 months! She's kinda pet_te but not that tiny!! lol How generous they are with sizes will tell you a lot. If I put her in something Wal-Mart brand it's at least a size 12 mos. because they shrink like crazy (they also run so be careful when you wash them-grrr). I try to buy most of her clothes from The Children's Place a year in advance so you can get the summer/winter clearance sales. Just bought a tonne of summer clothes for $2.79 each. I almost always buy Baby Gap clothes on clearance too. They start off pretty expensive but they mark them down very quickly. Old Navy is usually pretty reasonable. If you shop at Wal-Mart try to stick to the Disney and George brands. IMO!!


Jamie - October 18

I like Carter's, Oshkosh and Gerber. Warning on the Oshkosh stuff, though - some of the brighter colors fade if you don't dry them on low heat.


q - October 18

i buy my cloths all over the place and i make some i have never had a problem with the walmart brand but being thet i know how to sew i tend to look over everything b4 i buy it


Narcissus - October 18

I buy whatever but I favor Baby Gap, especially the clothes that make my son looks like he was born yesterday. LOL. I would dress him in soft, cute sleeper gowns forever.... My son outgrows everything before it has a chance to fall apart.


Kathryn - October 18

I like carters and gerber, walmart brand. He's not in them too long before he outgrows them. I bought disney from walmart and it completly fell apart when I washed it the first time. It went back. I also had problems with carters. They didn't put a snap in correctly and scratched Nathan's leg really bad.


N - October 18

Baby gap is one of my favorites too. They are just so darn cute!! Expensive though.. that why I go when they have an end of season sale and buy stuff for the next year.. it's cheap, cute, usually very durable, and I always have something for him to grow into.


Narcissus - October 18

N - I also hit the sales and stock up. It seems like every time I walk in there, they are having one. I get onsies for $4 and pants for a little more. The clothes are the most comfortable of all the brands, by far. Something I find strange is that they have three b___tons sewn on some of the onsies....Why would they do that? It seems like that would be a choking hazzard. My MIL gave us some onsies with b___tons and I am afraid to let Aja wear them. Did you notice the b___tons as well?


Steph - October 18

I found that at Ross, you can get a lot of name brands like Tommy and Ralph Lauren for pretty cheap...



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