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ralhun - May 29

My son is now 4 months old and I have tried the CIO method to get him to sleep at night. I am worried because he doesn't just cry he really screams and gets himself really worked up to the point that he is struggling to catch his breath. Is it still OK to use this method or is there any thing else anyone can suggest that may work.


Bonnie - May 29

We did CIO with Mason and yes he did the same tyhing. He was gagging and choking. It's very tough to watch. If yours is at least 12 pounds he should be able to do it. What our doctor had us do is this....create a bedtime routine so he learns to a__sociate bed with it. Put him down and then check on him every 15 minutes. Make sure he is okay, not wet or hurt, etc. tell him it's okay and to go night-night. Then leave. Don't pick him up. Keep checking every 15 minutes. She told us to do this up to 3 hours. It seemed like a long time to me and I honestly didn't like teh idea of CIO but my Dh wanted to try as well as he is very involved so I agreed to give it a week. The first 2 night Mason screamed so bad he was gagging. 3 hours later I got him up both times. I was very upset and did not want to keep going, but the doc had said it averages a week to work so I kept at it...feeling soooo guilty. Night number 3 he fell asleep after screaming one hour, woke up in the middle of the night and screamed 45 minutes (all the while checking on him every 25 minutes). Night 4 he was out in less than 20 minutes and slept 11 hours!! After that and every since he has either cried less than 15 minutes or not at all. Ya know what? Every morning I get a big ole smile as well. So at this point, yes I am very happy we did it. Mason is consistently out 10-12 hours with me frequently waking him up. He is always so happy in the morning as well. CIO is not for everyone of course. Co-sleeping I think can work too. There are a lot of times I wish I could snuggle him all night. But Mason and I are both much happier people with lots of sleep so it was perfect for us. But the first few days was harder than labor!


Bonnie - May 29

P.S. On food....she had us cut out the night bottle, but stretch it out during the day. He was drinking 32 ounces by 9 weeks (lol) and we just made sure he had it all during the day.


Bonnie - May 29

P.S.S. Don't check on him earlier or later than every 15-20 minutes. Checking on him lets him know you are there and that he is okay....but will also make him cry harder when you leave.


jessb - May 29

CIO is sooo hard. I cried the first few times we tried and eventually went in there. That was when she was about 11-12 weeks. I waited a few weeks until I tried again. Finallly one night when i could tell that she was just yelling because she knew someone would pick her up I let her cry, and she cried for about 10-15 mintues then went to sleep and slept the whole night. But before that she would do the same thing as your little one. Woud cry hysterically and it would break my heart and make me worry b/c she woudl get all sweaty and worked up. Go slowly, try let her cry for 10 mintues then go in ther, then extend it to 15, and 20 ect.... Eventually your ds will get the point that once you lay him down for the night thats it and he better just go to sleep. I also have an aquarium thingy that lights up and plays music. When she would cry or fuss after we laid her down we would go in and turn it on and give her a pacifer but would NOT pick her up after we laid her down. This got her used to not being picked up before we finally tried the full on CIO.


Jodi - May 29

what is CIO?


Bonnie - May 30

CIO stands for crying it out. It's kind of a bad term in that most people don;t let their kid cry almone until he is out. They are usually checked on after a certain amount of time.


ralhun - May 30

Thanks for the advice. We have been doing this to get him down in the afternoon as well. At night he now screams for about 15 mins. In the afternoon though he will sream for an hour then wake up screaming half an hour later. Does anyone know why this is.


Bonnie - May 30

First...glad to hear then ights are going better. :D...I found naps to be harder (so does about everyone else on the other board I go to). And there is something about that 30 minute magic number that keeps them up. I a__sume theyjust wake up after teh sleep cycle and don't goback to sleep with it being so light. When I put Mason down for naps now, he takes 2 30 minute naps (which I am still working on) and one long nap. That long nap he goes down for at least 1 1/2 hours. If he wakes up crying, I still make him stay down and just check on him every 15 minutes. This one has actually taken longer to get down for him, I a__sume because it's light outside. But he's finally gotten it. When he falls back asleep he sleeps a total of 3 hours then Ih ave to get him up myself! lol But getting him down is the hard part.


ca_pink - May 30

hi - we tried CIO 2x and haven't done it again bc our baby will cry for a couple of hours (esp during the day). sounds like your baby is doing the same thing. we have started to put our baby down earlier and she'll grunt and squirm a little bit (to get out of her swaddle) but won't scream for an hour like she did when we tried CIO. your baby could be over-tired (the window to put them down when they are tired is small)... so try putting him down a little earlier until you find the right balance. we found that in the morning, our baby needs to go down approximately an 1-1.5 hours after she wakes. if we go longer than that, we missed our window and she'll cry for a while. good luck!



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