AF Is 4 Days Late

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Hmm - November 18

AF has been on time for 2 consecutive months now. I recently stopped nursing and now AF is 4 days you think it has to do with a change in hormones from not nursing DH suspects that I'm pregnant, but I don't want to waist money on a pregnancy test because I highly doubt I'm pregnant. Did any of you experience irregular periods after you stopped br___tfeeding?


Lesley - November 18

I didn't have irregular persiods at all through the b___stfeeding, but once I stopped I fell pregnant again straight away.


Hmm - November 18

Lesley, how long did you b___stfeed?


April - November 18

I have heard if a woman stops b___stfeeding cold turkey they get extremely fertile. I would get a test.


-m - November 18

If you are not on any kind of birth control, I would take a test.


Lesley - November 18

I b___stfed for 9 month.


Hmm - November 18

The reason I doubt I'm pregnant is because my DH and I have been extremely careful...No hormonal contraceptives, but condoms. Lesley, were you on any kind of birth control when you got pregnant right after b___stfeeding? My MIL also got pregnant with her 2nd son right after b___stfeeding.


To hmm - November 18

I'd just take a pregnancy test. I have also heard that fertility increases dramatically after weaning. How old is your baby?


Shelly - November 18

I think the cheap Dollar store pregnancy tests are pretty reliable.Try at least one of those.


Lesley - November 18

We were using condoms. One night 1st time of drinking since having my daughter I got h__y and never used one, so the time I fell pregnant I wasn't using anything. I'm not doing that no more! As soon as little man is 6 weeks old I am going to get the coil put in!!


JB - November 18

I agree with Shelly, buy the wal-mart brand. That's what I took when I found out I was pregnant. WOrked great and only cost about $2.00.



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