Age For Bunk Beds

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Jenn - January 28

So, my mil gave use a nice set of bunk beds and my son is 2 1/2 and loves them. He sleeps on the bottom and his stuffed animals are on top. We taught him how to get up and down the ladder and he has no problems. However, I talked to my sil today and she has put the fear of God in me over those beds. The top bunk has 2 safety rails to prevent falls. And I have read different recc. ages for different beds. Some say 3 yrs others say 6 yrs. What do you ladies think?


Jenn - January 28

Mind you-I would never allow him to sleep on the top bunk, but he does sit up there and play.


ConnorsMommy - January 28

I think sitting up there and playing is fine as long as you're watching him. I don't know about your son, but my son is pretty fearless.. I'd be afraid of him jumping off or rough housing and falling off.. but I think it's fine if you're there watching him... and for sleeping on the top bunk, I'd say 6 yrs.


Renea - January 28

We have bunk bed for both our girls and our boys. I won't let my daughter, who is 3, sleep on the top--don't even like her on the top bunk to play. My oldest son was 4, almost 5 when we let him sleep on the top bunk. How does he sleep? Is he a tosser, roller? Does he still fall out of bed? I wouldn't feel comfortable with a child that age on the top bunk either. Maybe for playing, but not for sleeping. My opinion is by the age of 4, depending on their sleep patterns.


Jenn - January 28

he's pretty good about listening to us-he tossed all of his stuffed animals off-and we told him that if he ever threw anything off the top bunk again-that we'd take them back to Grandma's house. I am debating just taking off the top completely.


Jenn - January 28

well, I have a guard rail on the bottom bunk, too. so he doesn't roll off the bottom bunk. He won't be sleeping on top at all. Not till his brother gets big enough for a big bed. Its pretty much in there just bc we have no place to store a second bed, and he thinks that bunks are cool. :)


SonyaM - January 28

Two of my neighbors have bunk bed for their kids. One set is two boys and they are almost 5 (sleeps on top bunk) and 2.5 sleeps on bottum bunk. The other set of girls are almost 6 (top bunk) and just turned 3 in August (sleeps on bottom bunk). They have never had any issues. I don't see any problem with a 2.5 year having bunk beds if he sleeps on the bottom for now. I say it's fine to let him play on the top bunk too with supervision.


sophandbob - January 28

government guidelines in the UK say no to under 6's sleeping on top bunk. Keep the top bunk on if you are sure he isn't gonna try testing out sleeping up there for himself one night.


maryl14 - January 29

i got bunk beds for my two oldest who were 6 and 21/2 almost tree y/o and my daughter the one who was almost three slept on the bottom and the oolder on the top oh and they had the side rails to prevent them from falling well savannah fell off the top bunk after just climbing up there to get a toy and we spent the day in the hospital because she landed face first and blood was gushing out of her mouth poor girl was screaming her haed off well any way the doctor at the hospital had to pull the teeth back down so that the gums could tighten back around them correctly and she wasn't aloud to eat anything hard for 6 weeks and she couldn't use straws or sippy cups nothing that would cause the teeth to move (sucking, chewing hard food,) she had 12 appoinments with the dotor during that 6 wks 2 a wk to keep her teeth in right position so needless to say she started having diarhea and that was a ordeal trying to make it to the bathroom anyway we seperated the bed immed. and wont put them back together until savannah is 5 thats what the ped at that hospital said was a good age for bunk beds


Rabbits07 - January 29

I think 3 years is too young. At that age they really don't have the "this is dangerous so I shouldn't do it" control really We have 2 sets of bunk beds in our house and Clint fell off one of them a few months ago (he's 4 now, but was 3 then). He was in the bedroom playing with my youngest dd and decided to climb up on the top bunk. My oldest dd went to get him because she knew he was not suppose to be up there and he took off running across the bed and ran right off of it. He landed on his head on the floor but it didn't hurt him (surprisingly). Scared the daylights out the rest of oldest dd was screaming like a banshee and dh and I almost had a heart attack running to see what the screaming was about.


Kara H. - January 29

I am usually pretty conservative on these things, but the little boys in our extened family are pretty rough and tumble. They all climb like monkeys at 2. So there are no problems with them sleeping on the top bunk (with a rail) at age three. We would be more inclide to let him sleep up there then play up there. They get much more rowdy playing than sleeping. Most of my cousins and aunts will buy bunk beds that can be configured as a loft and leave the area below the bunk bed as a play tent and the upper area for sleeping - not playing!!



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