Age Of Baby Hours Of Sleep In 24 Hours Is

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DB - October 20

In my Parenting Magazine they had a little box about age of child and hours of sleep. They said for 2-12 month olds the normal range is 14-15 hours. My dd sleeps 13 hours at night plus roughly 3.5-4 hours of naps in a day! So, we're talking 17 hours and she's getting close to being 9 months old!! I know every baby is different, but I was just curious how much everyone else's baby sleeps (night and day)???????????


excited2bemama - October 20

My lo (4.5 months old) sleeps about 12 hours at night and about 4 hours during the day ( so that is 16 hours).. she could sleep more too except she fights it so bad!!! I read somewhere that 6-12 months they need -14-16 hours.


mamagoose - October 20

My 8.5 month old sleeps 13 hours at night and naps 2-3 hours total during the day... for a grand total of 15-16 hours. So I guess that's pretty average, according to that chart.


DDT - October 20

Caden (8 months old) sleeps 12-12.5hrs at night and on average (the good days) about 2.5-3hrs nap time. Total of about 14.5-15.5 hrs daily. Sounds like the chart ic correct here. Audrey just likes her!


andy - October 20

well my dd is almost 7 months and sleeps about 14 hours ... I wish she would sleep a little more ...


DB - October 20

Wow. I have the sleepiest baby ever!!! I bet she'll take 2 naps til she's like 18 years old, lol...


Gretta - October 20

LOL My baby will sleep12- 13 hours at night but add an hour in if we pull her into bed with us in the morning and also she does about 2 hours of naps total broken up into 3 naps during the day. Again longer if I nap with her. Chart correct here too!


mandee25 - October 20

My ds is 11 months tomorrow and he sleeps 11 hours at night and 3 hours of napping through the day.


priya79 - October 22

My dd sleeps for 11-12 hrs (som days it is only 10 hours) in the night and may be 2 hours in the day...So roughly she sleeps little less than average


countrymom401 - October 22

my lo sleeps 11 hrs at night and 2-3 hours during the day. Some days more some days less.


aliciavr6 - October 22

My 4 month old sleeps about 12 hours at night, and then roughly 2 - 4 hours during the day (maybe more sometimes)


lin7604 - October 22

my ds will be one on wed and he sleps on a reg day, 11 hrs at night and 2.5-3 hrs during the day.


wailing - October 22

Ds sleeps 12 hrs nite (not all the way thru). Naps 3 X's day for 3-4 hrs. I also read that they need 15-16 hrs of sleep at this age. I think ur dd is fine. If she's happy, active, and alert then better for u she sleeps alot:-) Some days ds will nap in the am w/ us for a loong time (2-3 hrs). It's a godsend!!!



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