Ah I Think I Traumatized Myself

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LollyM - March 15

Ok, so dd is a little over 7 months old and VERY interested in food. Well, we have noticed that she tries to chew her baby food and she can pick things up between her pointer and thumb. Well, the doctor said that once she can "chew" and pick things up my "pinching" she can have the snack puff food for babies. This evening, we gave her a little piece of a snack puff because I am so paranoid about choking. I had to help her get the piece in her mouth because it was so tiny, and chewed it and swallowed, but when she swallowed she made a funny sound like, it either tasted funny or she was about to choke! It scared the c__p outa' me. I'm not really sure if she was actually about to choke (since she did chew it, and she has 3 teeth) or if I am just so paranoid about choking that I thought she was going to choke. In any case, I am too scared to give her anymore of those puffs! When did you give lo their first Puff snack? did they have a similar reaction? I don't want to deprive dd of new experiences if I am just being silly! thanks =)


flower.momma - March 15

My daughter was 5 months old when she began to eat cheerios and puffs. Even though she has no back teeth, she would suck and gum finger foods until they disinegrated. The girl ate baby food for about 2 months, then she wanted whatever was on my plate. It probably just felt weird to be swallowing something a little more solid. Try again. She'll get better with practice.


Ca__sie06 - March 15

hey! Dont worry about it! Connor has started eating the puffs the past few weeks. He has four teeth now but they are all in the front. He mashes them with his gums in the back. Sometimes when he is feeling lazy he sticks it to the roof of his mouth to let it dissolve then swallows it. lol. She is not choking, she is just trying to get used to the different textures! He did the same thing the first few times. What have you been into lately?


Elle - March 15

Hi Lolly! I'm so sorry that happened to you and hope you are OK! I obsess over choking and can't stand it! My dd has 7 teeth and will be a year old next week, and still I freak out whenever anything goes into her mouth. She tried the puffs at around 7 or 8 months old I think. She has made that weird gagging/choking sound as well, probably because the texture was something totally different than she's ever experienced before. I agree with flower.momma - she'll get better with time and practice. Just take it slow and easy. You are not silly at all! She will be eating like a champ in no time!


LollyM - March 15

thanks ladies! I feel so much better, I was feeling like the worst mom ever there for a while! I will give her some more tomorrow and see how it goes. Ca__sie, I have been giving Ava mashed banana, sweet potato, yams, green bean, rice cereal and oatmeal cereal =) I make my own baby food when I can, and she loves it. I gave her jarred carrots because apparently it is bad for them to eat "big people carrots" and it made her poor little tummy hurt! she was sooo ga__sy and had diarrhea! So, I'll probably start her on pears next =) what does Connor eat these days?


Emily - March 15

i agree that practice makes perfect. Marcy didn't get her first tooth till 8 mos but started on puffs and cheerios at 6 mos. she just chomped on them with her gums until they were gone. she also had the pincher grasp. She prefers finger foods and table foods but will still eat baby food if offered.


Ca__sie06 - March 15

That is so good that you make your own baby food! I would love to but I have absolutely no time! I am doing good to remember to feed him at all. lol. Not really, but I am pressed for time! He is finishing up his stage 1 veggies I have in the mornings and eating stage 2 fruits in the evening. He still gets 5 bottles a day. I also give him some banana's in his mesh feeder. He loves them but they are such a mess!


rl- - March 15

puffs are great they disolve so easy I ate one before giving them to my ds so i was not worried so much and cherrios have that hole in them so the baby cant choke don't worry it will be ok!!


aurorabunny - March 15

Great question to ask, I've been wondering too. Ds is 8 and a half months old and I have been putting off the puffs and cheerios, I can see that I probably need to start on them pretty quick and not let my fear get in the way of him starting on solid foods. It is just so scary....He has been trying to grab all the food off my plate for the past month though so I think he is ready. Is it better to start on the gerber puffs or just regular cheerios?


LollyM - March 15

hey ladies, I gave Ava more puffs this morning and she chewed and sucked until they disappeared... who knows maybe this afternoon I will give her a WHOLE puff! lol. AB, if you are paranoid like me, I would give the puffs first because they dissolve faster than cheerios. Ca__sie, what is this mesh feeder you keep talking about? I have never heard of it. does it just mash the food or what?


AnytimeLittleone - March 15

Im so jealous!!! I cant give Eva any puffs because they have soy in them (allergy). Its so hard to get her to try chunkier food, because she cant have any of the foods that you typically start with.. (puffs, cheerios, etc.) Im so glad that Ava is getting the hang of things!!!


Keli - March 16

my baby gags and threw up when I gave her a sweet potato puff yesterday.


ash2 - March 16

I know what you mean lolly...i was so freakin' nervous when DS started eating solids !


Shannah - March 16

my son is 7 months and has no teeth but has the pincher grip, i don't know if i should try puffs or not either. he has been eating solids since 4.5-5 months. i tried the mesh feeder last night for the first time and he liked it but played with it more then chewed it


luviduvi - March 16

Lolly, my dd didn't do well w/ the puffs until she was about 1. She didn't have teeth until she was 10 mths. I think crackers like a saltine or b___ter would be great to give your lo. You can break them up and they dissolve so easily. GL


Ca__sie06 - March 16

haha Lolly. This is a mesh feeder. onestepahead.com/product/osa/307755.html You can just put pieces of fresh fruit or veggies in it and they can chew on it. It is supposed to be healthy for them to get fresh food and it helps with teething!


Ca__sie06 - March 16

Make sure you put the w w w in front of that link and it will work.



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