Ahhhh She Terrified Me

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seanandmya - February 12

Hi everyone , I have a four year old son and a almost two year old daughter , I'm five months preg with number three , it's going to be a suprise . Well dh and I were at a christening party saturday night , his cousins , gorgeous baby !! Anyway , I got talking to a relative of his in the ladies and she has three kids aswell , her youngest is eight weeks and she insisted on telling me how much harder three kids is ! I wasn't really worried before , now I'm having dreams about not being able to cope : ( Just needed to get all that off my chest , Thanks


ry - February 12

I am sorry but i cannot freakin' stand when people are so ignorant. Why would someone tell you that when you are already pregnant with your third? Anyways, life is as hard as you make (or let it be). Every family is different and your lo's are old enough now that they may even be able to give you hand. From what I hear the transition from 1-2 is pretty difficult but once you master that you are fine!


Rabbits07 - February 12

You really can't go by what other people tell you...different people are different. . I also had my first 3 babies very close...they were 3, 2 and baby and don't remember it being so hard that I felt the need to terrorize some pregnant woman about the doom she was in for. Of course, there will be more work than when you only had 2 kids, but it's not something that you can't handle if you really want to. I have seen women with more than two kids before who looked as if they were really struggling to keep it together, but it was because there was no discipline or order in their households (they were actually struggling when they had just the one). Anyways, if you are not having an extremely hard time with two then I doubt you will find three to be so much harder that you should be stressing over it. I have 6 so I'm living proof that it won't kill you! ;-)


KLC - February 12

For me it was the transistion from having one child to having two children. After that it was no problem!! My older two were a great help with the baby and it really wasn't much of a difference. Three to four was abit rought though. I think thats because I got older though!!! LOL


sqeekers - February 12

KLC, I agree with you. I just had my 4th and the hardest part was getting used to 2 instead of 1 after that it was a breeze.


sahmof3 - February 12

KLC... that's what I thought, too... that going from 1-2 was harder than 2-3...for me, not even physically demanding... but I just had myself so worried that we would have horrible jealousy issues and that my newly potty-trained boy would regress like everyone told me, but it never happened lol. Not that is doesn't happen, but in my case the worry was pointless. I didn't get myself all worried about that when I went from 2-3. Anyway, going from 2-3... it's good now. I won't lie... it's a transition period, like any other change in the family... but I love my family size now with three kids ;-)


sahmof3 - February 12

Actually I thought 0-1 was THE most difficult LOL.


seanandmya - February 12

I know ry , I don't know why she felt the need to say that to me ! I suppose her three are a bit closer in age to mine so maybe mine will be able to help out , we just moved close to both our families so if I ever stress myself to breaking point mum is just around the corner ! I do just fine with the two i have now though so hopefully the transition won't be that bad :D Thanks ladies , feelin better already !


soon2bemomof3 - February 12

ok heres my opinion. My dd was 7 years old when I had my other dd who is now 2 years old so when I went from one to 2 it really wasn't hard AT ALL because my oldest was already pretty independent but when I had ds 3 months ago that's when things got tough for me, my 2 year old is still pretty reliant on me BUT I can say it isn't THAT BAD. I DO have order and control in my house just sometimes sleep deprivation gets to me and my 2 year old is VERY VERY demanding!!!! So it just depends, liike everyone has said, everybody is different and don't let people scare you. You could be pleasantly surprised.



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