Ahhhhhh Colicky Fussy 6 Week Old Need Advice

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Amanda R - July 6

My DS started getting fussy after some feedings right around 4 weeks-old with the "fits" peeking later in the day. I thought since I was BF'ing that it may be something I was eating or drinking. Well, the only common factor I had day-to-day was the caffeine...so I cut that completely out. All went well for about a week but now he is getting fussier and MORE colicky after every feeding. We get burps up between br___ts and after feedings. I know that it is gas/indigestion and I am staying well away from known gassy foods...He stiffens up, arching his back and screaming. Sometimes a warm towel or receiving blanket on his tummy and me rocking/bouncing/patting him will calm him down enough to sleep but when I put him down he wakes up in just a few minutes. Sometimes it will just further irritate him. Everything I have come across basically says that as long as he is eating well and gaining weight (which according to his 1 month check-up he is gaining at a comfotable rate of about 1 oz a day.) there isn't much you can do for them besides wait it out and as time goes by they will get less fussy. Which is great in theory but what do you do in the meantime??!! It breaks my heart to hear him crying and that I cannot do anything to comfort him or make his tummy feel better. We have tried the Mylicon (simethicone drops) until we are blue and it just doesn't cut it. PLEASE anyone who has had a baby or babies with colic....is there anything that you tried that would help? Thanks!!


Tillie - July 6

Oh my gosh Amanda, I'm in the SAME boat exactly. Except that I haven't cut out caffeine...I keep telling myself it isn't that! I did read (in New Parent Magazine) that cutting out all dairy, eggs, peanuts, wheat and soy most of the time will do the trick. But if you're a vegetarian, like me, that means you might starve, so I don't know. It's SO painful to watch them writhe around, I agree. Do you have a vibrating chair? My daughter seems to really calm down when I put her in it--a last resort, as I don't want it to become her ONLY means of soothing. But I think the vibrations help her tummy relax and digest.


hrsmith - July 6

I am so sorry you are having to go through a tough time. I wish i had some advice, but you mentioned every method i have tried. I read somewhere that babies tend to peek with fussiness around 6 wks or so and some of it has to do with their stomache changing. I am not exactly sure what happens but there is supposedly some transition that goes on inside their little tummy's. my son was very fussy at 6 weeks but it only lasted a week or so. Hopefully it will start to subside within the next week. good luck.


YC - July 6

My dd had colis. It was 10 LONG weeks but it did peek at about 6-8 weeeks and got better. At 10 weeks...like magic...it was gone. She also had acid reflux which is common in babies. Colic generally occurs at the same time of day everyday and there is nothing that you can do to console the baby and make them feel better. My dd cried EVERY night feom midnight to 4:00 a.m. Unfortunately you just have to wait it out. With the reflux she would stiffen up and arch her back. The reason she would do this is because the scid was coming up and burning her little throat. She would scream on pain. The ped. put her on Zantac and that really helped with that but did not take away the colic. Hope this helps. I am sorry...trust me I feel your pain!!! Luckily as soon as the colic was gone she started sleeping through the night and all is well. It does get better I promise. Oh I forgot to mention the book "Happiet Baby on the Block" helped tremendously and so did gripe water.


mayaB - July 6

I have a 7 week old boy and I've noticed that he gets super fussy in the late afternoon . Usually from 6-9pm. He's had a tummy ache about twice, but the crying in the late afternoons I've come to think are just bouts of fussiness. (the milicon never worked for the fussiness. :)) I let him cry, I sit him down stroke his head, talk to him (though it's hard when the baby is screaming).. and after a little he falls asleep. He usually sleeps real well after a real fussy period.


carmendanielle - July 6

My daughter was very fussy from about week 3-8. It certainly peaked around 6 weeks. Have you tried ma__saging his tummy? If you use a circular motion starting on one side of his bellyb___ton and move around till you reach it again it helps any gas get through his digestion system. When I started to do this, my daughter would almost let something out right aways. I would also recommend allowing him to sleep on his tummy, only during naps when you can keep a close eye on him. I think laying on their back when they have an upset tummy makes it worse. Further, we found out about some natural herbs by a company called natures's sunshine that had catnip and fennel in it. I know, it sounds strange and I wsa reluctnt to try it, but its made especially for babies digestive system, and it worked miracles for us. good luck. And hang in there! It won't last forever!


Amanda R - July 6

Thanks guys!! I know that there are lots of parents that have had to deal with this or are trying to cope with it right now (where oh where has my sanity gone??!!) Tillie-- Cutting out the caffeine made him an absolute DREAM baby for about a week (of course I had like major withdrawals- headaches and all!) but in the end, it wasn't the answer. I almost never eat the same things day-to-day so I can't really put a finger on something that I am ingesting that is causing this. We have tried our vibrating/bouncy chair, the swing, 'colic dancing' every which way known to man, even the stroller (which sometimes soothes him for a while but never puts him to sleep). The frustrating part is that it's always changing. It's not ever really a set time of the day or night and it gets worse and for longer periods as the days pa__s. He eats like a HORSE which sometimes makes it difficult to determine if he really is hungry or if he just THINKS he's hungry because his tummy hurts either way. He wets plenty of diapers in a 24-hour period but doesn't have many stools which I know is relatively common in b___st-fed babies...since they process the b___stmilk sooooo efficiently. He pa__ses more gas than any grown man on a straight diet of beans would every pa__s!! LOL. Thanks hrsmith! It is encouraging to hear that he may come out of this as quickly as he went into it! It also makes very good sense that it could cause them digestion troubles as their systems are changing so rapidly at this point.


Ca__sieSong - July 6

My LO who is now 7 months, was extremely fussy until about 3.5 months. At 10 weeks, it seemed worse than ever and she was finally put on Axid for acid reflux. She was gaining fine too, but she was not getting in a better mood, and by that time they should be getting less fussy. I was a mess. The Axid did help, but it was/is also part of her temperment. She is a very expressive baby. She will let you know how she feels one way or another!! I agree with YC... Happiest Baby on the Block is a great book. Swaddling and white noise were a saver indeed!! Oh, and it took my dd a long time to get on regular naps (almost 6 months) but she is finally taking good naps (2-3 depending on the cirumstances) and she is all the happier for it! She sleeps a total of about 15 hours in a 24 hour period. She slept only about 12 hours a day when she was 10 weeks!!! I'm sure that made the fussiness so much worse as well. Plus, I myself wasn't getting any sleep. Like everyone said though.... it will get better. :-)


JEN - July 7

Sorry- no time toread all the posts, but I was in your shoes a few months ago...my advice is #1 DO NOT STOP BREASTFEEDING! I did this and regret it so much #2 I found great relief in colic calm gripe water (only available online in the US) it has charcoal in it that really seems to help with the gas/tummy problems...I even tried it when I had a stomach bug and it helped soooo much. Otherwise, just give it time...it gets SOOOOOOOOO much better at 8-12 weeks. (((HUGS)))


fasha12 - July 8

Amanda R - I can sympathize with you. My son screamed night and day until he was about 7 weeks old. A nurse friend of mine held him during one of his "fits" and thought that he may have acid reflux. He didn't spit up much, but would arch his back and scream, fight the b___st and lots of other things that made it difficult to feed him. We took him in to the Dr. and they put him on Zantac and Hyosciamine. The Hyosciamine has been the lifesaver drug- it is a tummy relaxer that can be given every 4 hours. My son was a different baby after the first dose of these drugs. I would highly recommend looking into them with your dr. My son is now 13 weeks and is a joy!


Jenn2 - July 8

THANK YOU for posting this thread!!! My little girl ( 3 weeks and 1 day old) has been doing this EXACT same thing since she was 3 days old!! I have been to the doctor twice, and he told me to try Enfamil Nutramagen ( pre-digested formula).....and I have been b___stfeeding. the formula did not do too much, so I am continuing the b___stfeeding. It is sooooo frustrating!! I feel like yelling next time the doctor tells me to "wait it out". I'm just like......"are you crazy"?? For anyone who has not had a baby that screams all day after every feeding.....and never sleeps....really does not understand this predicament. Everyone tells me that this type of behavior normally stops between 6 weeks and 3 months. I am praying that it will end before 3 months b/c each day feels like an eternity!! I had posted a thread about a week ago about colic....and did not get any responses, so I was feeling like my little girl was the only one out there. The things I have found to work (about 50% to 75% of the time) are 1. burp your baby several times during a feed to get all the gas out 2. Keep them upright for about 10 min after a feeding, so that the food goes down and does not cause reflux 3. swaddle your baby and say, "shhh..shhh" in their ear ( louder than their cry so it distracts them) 4. motion!!! (walking with them swaddled, and rocking). I usually run through all these things, and pray that one of them will work. Sometimes nothing works, and I have to just sit there an listen to her cry out in pain. It is VERY hard to deal with. I feel your pain, and just have some comfort in knowing....you are not the only one!!


Tillie - July 8

Wow, today was the WORST day yet for my 5-week old. She screamed from the time she woke up until she went to bed an hour ago. Sometimes she gets so hysterical she starts chocking--it makes me nearly cry. Jenn2, I agree--all of those things seem to help my daughter, too. Especially keeping her upright and letting her fall asleep over my shoulder after she eats. Funny enough, though, she sleeps just fine. I guess I should thank my lucky stars for that!


Tillie - July 8

Whoops, that's choking, not chocking... duh.


Amanda R - July 10

Well...we have hit the 7-week mark and I wanted to update ya'll. I think that at this point he is having a good week and bad week in rotation...we are into the good week. Our DS seems to have settled into a pattern of evening Colic which is at least manageable. When he screamed all day from 6:30 am until 4 pm it was a nightmare!! I believe that it is a combination of gas and true colic. He holds onto his burps which makes it difficult to 'bubble' him like he needs. We have done a combo of b___st and bottle feeding in the past weeks (only 1 bottle of formula a day-- and when he got extremely fussy we completely eliminated ANY bottle feeding and went solely to the b___st again.) He latches well and feeds well too. There is one type of hold we can use when he first starts to get fussy and if that fails to work I will lay down with him and nurse until he falls asleep. (If your b___bs can take it and your babies calm when you do this...it is a lifesaver!!) I try to do these 2 things before he gets extremely worked up and they appear to be working for the time-being. He seems VERY tired when he finally calms during these crying episodes so I do think that it is colic behavior rather than an allergy or intolerance to something. In our case...I believe that he is soooo tired that he is unable to fall asleep without some form of comfort (pacifiers don't cut it). Swaddling does NOT work for our LO. He hates, I mean HATES to have his arms immobilized. It only further infuriates him to be swaddled. But we are surviving!!! Taking him to bed with me of a night has helped me be less of a zombie and also gives me a little energy to face the coming day. Take heart girlies!! I appreciate the support and encouragement and my heart goes out to everyone going through this. I am starting to think there should be a "Colic support group for parents" started! Like one of the OP's said...It comforting to know that you're not the only one going though this!! :)



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