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LW - June 20

Hi all! I have a sick grandfather living across the country (I'm in Alberta and he's in Nova Scotia) - my whole family is going to visit him this summer and has asked that I come along as it's a little bit of a "goodbye" trip (he's got alzheimer's). Now, my daughter will be 2 months for the plane ride. Has anyone taken such a little one on the plane? Is it safe? How was it? Any advice would be appreciated! THANKS!


Annette - June 20

I took my baby on an international 5 hr flight when he was 2 months. My first advice: when booking your ticket, get the first row, it has more space for diaper bag and even baby if she needs to go to the floor for a second. Either that or an empty row, you will need lots of extra space. Advice two: bring a babycarrier because there will be times you will need both hands, like picking up your suitcase or checking in. Third advice: Bring an extra shirt for your baby and something else for you; if she throws up you won´t be confortable sitting on a plane wet and smelling like cheese. And travel light. To me the flight itself was cake, I was prepared to give him a bottle during take off as suggested but last minute they made me put my diaper bag in the bins and couldn´t take it out, but it was not necessary as he didn´t have any problem with it. Otherwise I b___stfed and changed diapers with no big issues. My baby slept pretty much the entire time. The part that really sucked was pa__sing security at Newark´s airport, because you must empty your pockets, take the baby out the stroller, fold the stroller, put it on the band, put your carry on on the band and sooooo on. Well, I was travelling alone, if you are with someone else might be easier. Hope I helped you. I lost my grandma 2 years ago and has been sad without her, unfortunately had no chance to say goodbye. I hope everything goes fine.


SonyaM - June 20

I don't have any travel advice, but wanted to offer my sympathy. My grandmother died last June of alzheimers and it can be pretty rough. I am lucky to not only have lived in the same city but only a few minutes away from her. My entire family was visiting her (kind of like a goodbye as well) and within a few minutes of getting home she had pa__sed away. They definately know when they want to go. I hope he will be at peace. God Bless.


LisaB - June 20

Lw sorry to hear about your grandfather. Previous to being a mom I was a flight attendant for 8 years, so I feel pretty competent giving advice in this area. My best suggestion it to buy dd a seat and use it bring along your car seat and make sure she is in it for take off and landing. I traveled w/ ds when he was 2 months a couple times and again at 4 months. When he was two months it was so much easier because he slept the whole time. I nursed when the seat belt sign was off and gave him my finger(for sucking) and tried a pacifer (he doesn't take one) for landing. Landing is actually harder on the ears than take off. If dd is bottle fed try a bottle during landing also take off if shes having a hard time. Dress both you and baby in layers there can be extreme tempature differneces on the plane. I made sure I had baby tylenol in my diaper bag just in case also extra diapers, 2-3 outfits, 2-3 receiving blankets (incase no changing table/ or dirty changing table) If you bring your stroller take it to the gate you depart out of and they will tag it and have it for you plane side at your destination that will help. The last time I flew with ds we were moving so it was just me, ds and my cat along with two HUGE suitcases and the stroller/ car seat. I must have been a sight!! Good luck. Oh ya pack some trashy magazines you may find a moment to read- most babies love the roar of the engines to fall asleep to.



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