Aja Has Chicken Pox I Have Not HELP

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Narcissus - October 16

I am freaking out like you would not imagine. My son has them as new lesions are appearing on his leg and old lesions are scabbing. I just called the nurse... She said it likely is. My antibody t_ter was equivocal two years ago and like a dipshit I never got the vaccine. I am so stressed, and I am SOOO scared. Adult CP is a serious disease. Also, I am having surgery on Thursday. BBK - do you know anything about the likelihood that I will contact this if my t_ter was equivocal? Does anyone have an experience to share (w/ equivocal t_ter), good or bad?


P - October 16

I just read that if you are vaccinated within 3-5 of exposure it may prevent infection or reduce the severity of the infection. I hope Aja feels better soon.


Narcissus - October 16

He was exposed at least 10 days ago, and I have been exposed for a few days... I just spoke with a pharmacist and my chances are high that I will get the CP.


BBK ® © - October 16

Narcissus when it comes to the varicella vaccination, the t_ter may not reflect a vaccine-induced immunity. The test is not sensitive enough for this type of lowered immune response. I hope you don't get it because it's tough on adults. Aja should be OK


Narcissus - October 16

Yeah, I never had the vaccine and nobody in my family knows of me getting the virus via exposure. It's the worst waiting game for me. I can't take Aja to the doc to confirm that he has the pox bc they dont want me to infect others (makes sense).


Karen - October 16

So sorry to hear about that. All L can offer is that it is terrible. I also heard that it is better to get it as a baby than as an adult. Hope he gets better soon


Steph - October 16

Did your docs ever test to see if you were immune to the chicken pox, even though you never had them? My sister was exposed numerous times over her life and never got them...when she found out she was pregnant, she was tested and her doc indicated that she was immune to the virus...hopefull that will be the same in your case. I got them in 7th grade and it was a b___h...hope well that you don't get them....


Lisa*9 - October 16

Give SAJA oatmeral bathstoo,wish I lived closer to you I want my boys to have chicken pox,send some my way. I am serious!


Steph - October 16

God, I hope you don't get them...can you take extra vitamins or anything that may try and help you from getting the pox? I don't know a whole bunch about them, cept for the fact that they suck horribly. Usually chicken pox start their breakouts during the spring time, so it's weird that there's some going around where you live...but, virus will be virus...(LOL at my "boys will be boys pun...hee hee) Anyways, take care and don't worry about it too much..if that's actually possible.


Jbear - October 17

Start taking some echinacea and garlic now to help your body fight it off. Someone suggested oatmeal baths for your son and that's the best thing for chicken pox. Also, you should put mittens on him when he sleeps, because scratching the lesions can cause scars.


Lissi - October 17

My brother caught it from his kids when he was 35, and he didn't suffer too badly. I seem to remember, he only took a couple of weeks off work. So, you may get lucky. Hope you don't get it though. On the plus side, it's good for Aja to get early on in his life. Best of luck Narcissus!


BBK ® © - October 17

The fact that you have partial immunity may help should you even get it at all. It can take 2-3 weeks from infection for symptoms to appear, but only 5% of adults are susceptible. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!


m - October 17

i hope aja feels better soon, not to scare you but my uncle had cp 2x once b4 he was a year and once in middle school so in a few years you might want to vaccinate for it


Narcissus - October 17

Thanks all. I was itchy all night due to the pyschological trauma of this, lol. I could be fighting this and that is why I feel under the weather. Aja seems better today, and has no new pox. Still, keep those fingers crossed for me. I am going to be the world's worst baby if I get them. Hopefully it will be a mild outbreak since I have some antibody present.


keekee - October 17

Alveeno is the key. Oatmeal baths work wonders. I hope Aja feel better soon. I also had chicken pox when Avery were affected at age 2. One of those terrible times I would like to forget. Tons of itching and tears but we made it. You will get through this fine. Take care and far away (((Hugs))...Ok, bad joke but couldn't help it


Lissi - October 17

I'm itchy just reading this!


Narcissus - October 17

I had the first of two varicella vaccines today and got an rx for an antiviral...Hope the vaccine helps and if not, the antiviral should lessen the severity.



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