Aja Said Quot Da Quot Last Night What Age

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Narcissus - October 6

Of course, we freaked out when he did this. He is 7 months. At what age did your children say "mama" or "dada"? Is he running behind? I can't believe how fast he is growing up. Once you establish your routine, time flies. Soon, he will be asking me for college tuition!


Jadyns Mommy - October 6

I wish I knew for sure if Jadyn was saying it or not. She is coming up on 5 months and she always says what sounds like "mama" when she cries but we just figured she was just making the sound and had no idea what she was really saying but a few nights ago, I made her father get up with her in the middle of the night and after he laid her down, her cry changed to "dada" as if she knew that he was the last person that was up with her so she better call him. We were laughing about it but I really am not sure if she is really talking or not!!!


BBK ® © - October 6

How is little Aja? Anna cries ma-ma-ma, and calls me by Akung-pfua. She only says that when I first get home. I don't know if it means "hello", "dad", "welcome back", all of the above?


Narcissus - October 6

So he is behind the game.... That sucks. LMAO at "Akung-pfua". Aja is doing well. He is cuter than my dream boyfriend, and loves to give me kisses.


BBK ® © - October 6

Narcissus , good luck with your surgery and have a quick recovery. Anna loves for me to hold her, and when I don't I hear about it.... she does the boo-boo lip thing too LOL!


Jadyns Mommy - October 6

I wouldnt worry about it. I have heard that boys sometimes walk and talk later than girls. My step-son didnt start talking until 10 months and even then it was few and far between, now he is 5 years old and wont stop!!!! He even talks in his sleep, its insane.


Narcissus - October 6

Thanks:) I just did some research and they say that at around 9 months of age they say dada/mama and at 1 year, they affliliate mama/dada with a person. He is already doing that.


q - October 6

my almost 6 month old says da or adda when she wants his attenion or when she is happy to see him like when he comes home from work and gets up with her in the morning and when she is playing with him she says ma and amma if she wants me i cant belive how fast she is growing she also seems to say mamma when she cries. if we ask where grandma, grandpa, mom, dad or anyone else she is familiar with is she looks right at them it is soo great that she knows who we are and she rolled halfway across the room just to get a toy to play with


keekee - October 6

When Jordan was a newborn he had a complaining "mama cry". He said Da Da at around 5 months. I will have to check my baby book. Aja sound like he is doing delevopmental fine. He is right on time.... I have to brag guys!!! Jordan is doing the tree, apple, and more sign......I am beyond proud. Now my boys can communicate.......((((Hugs))))


monica - October 6

Caleb has had the "mama cry" for a while now....its so cute. when he does it I cant resist...he gets what he wants.


Narcissus - October 6

Isn't it cute when they roll like tumbleweeds across the floor? I love it when Aja rolls to get a toy:)


desiree - October 6

Keston says dada over and over when he is happy. He gets this horrible look on his face and says bobaboo when he cries...almost like boohoo:( He is so funny...the other day he started growling at me while he was eating his supper, I made the mistake of laughing and he really went off!! He wouldn't eat, so I covered my face with my shirt so he couldn't see me smiling..and that made it worse!! He sounded like a monster!! I was laughing so hard I had to stop supper for awhile. He is as chubby as a cherub and dosen't roll back over once he gets on his tummy. I'll have to try something to get him moving.


soleil - October 7

when my daughter was 5 mo. she would say papa, papi, da da, but i dont think she knew what it meant, it isnt until now that she is 8mo. that she knows that its her dady and will call him that when he gets home, last month she started saying ma ma, but just says it whenever or especially when she cries but not to me. And she also says BOO everytime i say peek-a ...and she will finish by saying BOO. I have no idea when they are suppose to though.


JenH - October 7

keekee - How old is Jordan? When did you first start signing with him? I am very interested in teaching our boy to sign. He is only 3 months old, though. Jen



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