ALL Brands Of Diapers Leak For Him

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name - February 29

Every single brand of diaper I've tried for my boy leaks. Anyone else have this problem? Also, how often does your lo pee everywhere or on you when changing the diaper? My boy does it several times a day, during the first month and a half, he did it at almost every diaper change. Also, it seems like every time I take his diaper off, he's got what appears to be a hard on. Are your boys like that?


RLWilcox - February 29

When you put his diaper on where is hes wee-wee pointed? Like is is up or to the side or down? How long would you say the diapers are on him for? Are they all the right size? Oh and if you go to change his diaper and you notice his wee-wee is "hard" hold the diaper over it for a minute or so, that helped us. I guess sometimes when the air touches him they pee. I haven't noticed that as much as when I change him if there is what looks like a drop of water/pee on the tip he either just peed or is about to. Did I make any since? Im starting to confuse myself. lol.


kimberly - February 29

Like the last post said make sure his wee wee is pointed down in the diaper not up or to the side. This is important so they don't pee out the side or out the top. Make sure the diaper fits snuggly enough around his legs and also make sure they are the right size. It is normal for them to be "hard" for lack of a better word. Boys and men get that way. I learned real quick that if my boys were like that they were going to pee. It is also normal for them to pee when thier diaper first comes off, that is why you need to be prepared to cover him real fast, either with the diaper you are taking off or always have a clean one to use to block his pee. Hope this helps!


name - February 29

It must be pointed upwards, because the upper part of his diaper is always the wet part. Where it leaks at is always the same, at his left side at the top of his diaper, on his back. Also, I'm thinking his p___s is curved to the left (a lot of mens are) because when he pees that's where it always goes, LoL all over the window.


kimberly - February 29

Name, I have a friend who has two boys and they both had a curve in thier p___s that had to be corrected with surgery. A matter of fact her youngest has to have another one in May to straighten it some more. If you really think it could be curved maybe bring it up with his Dr.


name - February 29

I doubt it's a problem because LOTS of men are curved.


kimberly - February 29

Yeah, I know lots of men are curved but it could be a problem, just thought it would be a good idea to point it out at his next visit. My friend thought her first son was normal too, until she switched his pedi to a new one and he is the one who discovered it. So when her second son was born she knew it wasn't right. I didn't mean to tell you something is wrong with your son but it just made me think of her kids. I am sure your son is fine!


DDT - February 29

Every diaper change make sure his p___s is pointing downward. I found Huggies were more absorbent & the elastic around the legs tighter than Pampers. Yes, during the first 2 months my son would automatically start peeing the sec I took his diaper off. He outgrew this...I became lightening quick at getting a cloth over his pee-pee before he got to squirt hiimself in the face. Also, sometimes my son's p___s would also be hard during a diaper change. It's the stimulation they get during it and it completely normal and natural.


jenna32 - March 4

i'd make sure the diapers snug enough to. At the hospital i didn't want to fasten it to tight but the nurse said it won't hurt them or anything.


Teddyfinch - March 4

a lady i know says when she changes her son's diaper, she opens it, b__ws on his wee wee and then covers him back up to let him pee from the cool air and then she can change his diaper. sound advice and i WILL remember that in case i ever have a boy lol.


HeavenisMine - March 4

Ohh teddy thanks for that advice. I don't have a boy, but I am afraid of their wee wee's squirting on me when I change them. my mother told me to put a diaper over the p___s until the boy is done being cleaned and what not. My brother's apparently nailed her in the eyes a few times.


olivia - March 4

Two other suggestions.. We had this problem too with my son. The first thing I found was that the cream I was putting on him was waterproof, such as Vaseline or other diaper creams. So it would essentially waterproof his diaper and the pee would pour out. When his circ_mcision healed we stopped putting any Vaseline on and finally the diaper soaked up his pee. Then it started again and we found we needed to go up a size in diapers. These two 'discoveries' took way longer than they should have and we went through a lot of wet clothes. And the hard on thing is so normal. My son had one constantly in the beginning and as he got a little older I notice them less and less often (but he still seems to have morning wood quite frequently) Who knew?Good luck solving the leaks! Also the nurses in the hospital laughed at me for getting peed on every time I changed his diaper, in exhaustion I finally told them to change it and two of them got peed on too! So it isn't just us. You can just throw a washcloth over him while you are grabbing for things, or get really quick at changes.


name - March 12

I started making sure his ding dong was pointed down but it is still leaking up at his back on his left side...


bbmax - March 13

I tried all diapers and Huggies worked the best. In addition to the p___s position, I make sure I stretch the tabs and make them tight enough up top. Also when my thinner ds leaked I folded a kleenex and put it down on his p___s to fill out the diaper because if he's not meaty in the thighs and around it will shift around when the diaper is fresh and papery. When I did this he never leaked until he grew into each size (sometimes they are between sizes). Sometimes their legs are too thin for a size so stuffing it worked every time for my ds.


name - March 13

I seem to like the Huggies best as well, although I find they're the most expensive. I don't like any of the off/store brands, nor do I like Pampers!



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