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ninerhere - February 4

Sometimes I feel like I am just feeding my little one all day. Between nursing and solid meals and just the length of time it takes her to eat, does anybody else feel this way? She is just about a year and here is the jist of our schedule. Wakes up about 7:30, nurses. Breakfast at 10:30, because she really isn't ready til then. Nurses 11:30ish (thats the only way I can get her down for nap). Naps 12:00-2:00. Lunch 2:30. Nurses 4:30. Dinner 6:00. Nurses 7:30 (again only way I can get her to sleep for the night). Solids meals usually take about 30 minutes, she is a rather poky eater. Does this seem like what everybody elses little ones do? If not, any suggestions? Sometimes I just feel like she is eating from morning to night. She really isn't even that hungry all the time. I just feel like trying to get 3 meals and 4 nursing sessions timed right is hard to do. I have been told to try and nurse and do solids at the same times, solids first, but then I can't get her to nurse. We don't have good luck with sippys and she has never wanted to take a bottle, so I feel like the nursing is rather important too for getting the liquids. How does everybody else time things?


ninerhere - February 5



tyler0323 - February 5

id say if she is on solids, you can start weening her of the b___st. she really shouldnt be all that hungry if she has supper at 6 and fineshes at 6:30. How old is she. can you not give her some homo milk before bed or naps, or even water. if she is eating the 3 solids a day, then she really needs just a snack in the middle not another meal. My view is she will nurse as long as you let her, so untill you start weening her, this is her schedual


LisaB - February 5

When my ds turned a year we switched to milk and we would offer milk at each meal then I went down to nursing once at night -justed ended that this past week :( Anyway my ds had breakfast then a nap then lunch, nap then mid afternoon snack dinner b___bie and bed. He wouls get a sippy of water through out the day on his table so he could have it whenever. Thats what worked for us. I phased out the nursing one at a time.


ninerhere - February 6

anyone else?


Kara H. - February 6

Try giving her a regular cup with b___stmilk or whole milk in it. Max is 6 months and can drink from a regular cup if I hold it for him and put on hand on his back to steady him so a 1 year old should be able to do without the sippy top. I would start weening while starting the cup so she has more motivation to get the cup. Keep your nursing session before the nap and before bed. The others replace with a cup.



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