All Natural Nothing To Apply Works Great TEETHING AID

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mommybabyboy21 - November 1

For a week my baby has been miserable teething. I didnt want to use Hylands teething tables because of the hallucinogenics. So I have been using gentle naturals homeopathic teething drops and baby orgel. With that he was fussy all the time expect when I put the orgel in his mouth. First he would scream because he hated the taste but then he would be his usually self for 1/2 hour but the slowly he would start chewing on everything and then go right back to being a fussy little guy. so i thought that the homeopathic teething drops were doing nothing and I didn't want to have to orgel his mouth every 45 min to an hour. I even broke down twice and gave him taylona. A bout a week ago I ordered a amber necklace that claimed that it worked with Teething and its been used in Europe for years. I asked on this form about it and no one responded, but I took a chance and yesterday was the first day He wore it and he was a completely different baby...He wasnt fussy at all. He still chewed on my knuckles and his fingers (he doesnt like teething rings at least none that i found so far). But he wasn't fussy at all. This morning he was up and started fussing and I was like oh yea his necklace put it on him, also put him down for his nap but when he woke up he was a happy baby. Just chewing as usually. I love it because there is no liquid that I have to worry about what is in it. And I just have to remember to put it on him. (THEY SAY DON'T LET THEM SLEEP WITH IT ON BECAUSE OF CHOKING) Here is an article link if your interested.


joshuasmommy - November 4

Hi, thanks for posting this. I had never heard of it but have read several articles now and I'm going to try it too. My son isn't teething too bad yet (only 3 months) but I want to be prepared. Is it still working for you? What website did you buy yours from? I've found several that sell them. Thanks again for the info.


mommybabyboy21 - November 4

Yep my son still doesn't have a problem. He still drools alot and chews on everything but he isn't fussy. And yesterday his bottom tooth cut through, the one next to it and his top teeth look like they aren't far behind. I bought mine from 3 w's



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