All She Wants To Do Is Sleep

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Sarahsmommy - February 8

Since yesterday afternoon all my 2 month old as wanted to do is sleep. She hasn't been up more then 1 hour at a time. Does it sould like she's getting sick? Also I've been giving her gripe water for colic, so I don't know if that's making her sleepy or if she's trying to catch up on what she's missed due to the colic, what do ya'll think?


Heidi - February 8

Sounds normal. Emma went through bouts where she'd sleep almost all day at that age. Cherish it. Hee hee! Even at 4 months old she still has days where she naps for hours on end. Especially after a bad night of tummy aches.


Heather - February 8

As long as the baby is still feeding normal and not running any temps, ect - I would not worry. Especially if it only lasts a few days - remember most sleep alot more when they are going through a phase of their growth spurt!


Erin - February 8

Heather was thinking the same as me! My daughter sleeps a lot if she is going through a growth spurt. I also find that if we are out at my parents, and she misses her bedtime, she sleeps a lot more the nest day or 2. Keep an eye on her temp and her demeanor when she is awake. If everything is normal, I wouldn't worry too much!


nicci - February 8

My son is 4 months and sleeps all the time!! Only short naps but about 6 or so a day. I let him sleep as much as he wants, otherwise he is grouchy. :) Good luck


Jbear - February 8

Two months sounds about right for a growth spurt. My kids both sleep a lot when they're growing...then a couple days later they're not sleepy anymore and their clothes are all too short.


erin - February 8

i miss those days...they say during a growth spurt they will sleep son is 6 months old and skips naps...i'm lucky if he will take 2-20 minute naps during the day! it drives me insane...he does sleep 11-12 hrs at night and sometimes he doses while he's nursing. cherish this time b/c the naps get fewer as they get older, at least in my case they did.



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