All The Fake Babychapter Post Ruining This Forum

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kimberly - December 11

Is anyone else sick of the babychapter advertising? I can't even read through one post without some stupid comment about this book. It is so obvious they are just trying to advertise.


Seredetia - December 11

Yeah, I'm totally sick of it. I refuse to visit the site now...even if it may be a good one. The way they're presenting it is terrible -- especially when their topics are real issues that you have to deal with...only to get bombarded with spam.


Whitney - December 11

Umm yea - soooo anoying when all we are trying to do is get some info on real issues with feeding, sleep or b___stfeeding & then out of nowhere someone says "Oh babychapters is so great", it's like what the hell was that?! Really lame adverstising there, I will never go to the website.


gabby509 - December 11

Aw man it's driving me crazy. I made a post about a week ago about this same issue and one of the other forum girls suggested going to babychapter website and complaining, so I did that. But I doubt it will help. It's just so annoying, I come on here all the time and get so aggravated I haven't even read through any other posts lately. Everytime I've seen a post with the babychapters c___p I've clicked on that poor taste b___ton, maybe if we all do it, they will get removed.


Krissy25 - December 11

Yes, i did that too but they are still there, i thought they had a policy against adverising like that. It just p__ses me off, there are enough ads on this site, it doesn't need to be in the posts too.


Malica - December 11

Ya. I was the one who suggested we all contact them. I even used my real address and I haven't gotten a reply for the rather scathing comments I sent. It would be bad if they just spammed but I've taken time to answer their faked questions before they post their spam. Sigh...


kimberly - December 12

Glad I'm not the only one!!


bellybubble - December 13

Oh i hear you - its bloody annoying!! Pathetic - i would never go to their stupid website now or have anything to do with them out of principle!



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