Allergic Reactions

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cae - June 22

Hi everyone. I was just wondering if your LO has experienced any allergic reactions while introducing solids. Thanks.


Narcissus - June 22

My son had a food intolerance, specifically to juice and to yogurt, but it was not a true allergic reaction. Lots of people do not realize that there is a difference & they mistake an intolerance for an allergy. Aja used to get horrible diarrhea from juice/yogurt so I stopped giving it to him. He tolerates both very well now.


Bonnie - June 22

Mason has had an inolterence to beef so far. I think he just needs another month or so before he has anymore. He barfed more and got super cranky.


Rabbits07 - June 23

My oldest son was intolerant to alll kinds of foods--greenbeans gave him horrible diarrhea. Then when we started the 3rd Foods, he couldn't hardly eat any of the dinners (eg. mac and beef, chicken and veg, etc.) as they would some out looking exactly the way they did when they went in (sorry, that was probably way TMI). And his little bottom would get so raw it would bleed. His pedi said that he was not digesting it and that the acids in the stomache that are suppiose to digest the food were coming through the bowels with the food and that was the cause of the horrid rash. We had to be very careful about what he ate. He continued to be sensitive to tomatoes (gave him the D) until he was around 6 or 7.


Rabbits07 - June 23

that was come out, but I'm sure everyone got the picture....ick! (sorry)


Christy - June 23

Ben is sensitive to plums, prunes, and apricots. All make him spit up profusely and give him a rash on his face and tush. Not sure if it is a true reaction, intolerance, or what, but I will wait a bit and try again in the future.


austinsmom - June 23

mine seems to have a problem with prune does make him go but his tummy must hurt him cause for an entire day after giving him some he is super unhappy



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