Almost Crawling No Progression

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AnytimeLittleone - March 7

DD is now 7 months. For the past month, she has been getting up on her hands and knees, rocking, and throwing herself "a la superman" at toys she wants to reach. I expected her to start to progress... scoot a little bit.. or at least try to crawl.. but no such luck. This situation is amplified by my MIL asking "Is she crawling yet?" EVERY FREAKIN DAY! This is making me very antsy... and Im feeling like I need to do a "baby crawling bootcamp", which I know is completely ridiculous! When do infants usually start to crawl?


eliz24 - March 7

Mine started full on crawling at about 8 months,if she getting up on all 4's and rocking back and forth that usually means she'll be crawling any day now...and then there's no stopping her.ahhhh i miss the days of just putting a blanket on the floor and she would just sit there and play....


AnytimeLittleone - March 7

Ha... eliz24.. thats what everyone says.. Im just worried that she might be delayed.. my SIL's child didnt crawl until 9 months. This provoked nasty comments from my MIL, accusing my SIL of not "teaching" her son. I dont even want to go there...


eliz24 - March 7

I know what ya mean about the mil,mine recently told me I might be delaying my daughter's independence and development by still breasfeeding her she's 10 months!... I just pretty much smile and nod at her. I let dh take c/o dealing with her since it's HIS mom. ha. I wouldn't worry your lo sounds just fine, so there! mil.


Lindsey - March 7

Mine is nearly 9 months and I'm sure has no intention of crawling, I really don't let it bother me, some babies never crawl, he does scoot on his bum across the room which is hilarious.


ry - March 7

Hey anytimelittleone! My dd did the exact same thing as your lo for months and months. I kept thinking "ok any day now, she will realize she can move" and it never happened-until one day our friends brought their 8 month old over (dd is 11 mos) and their baby was crawling everywhere! The next day dd was crawling too-it was amazing!


EricaG - March 7

There is a huge range for babies to accomplish milestones in and your dd is definately not out of that range, 8 months is the average age that a baby crawls. But in fact not all babies DO crawl, some just go straight to walking. Abby did the rocking on hands and knees thing for about 3 weeks before she started crawling, and even then it was another week or two before she got really good at it. Babies do things at different times, some babies focus really hard on the physical, Abby could sit upright una__sisted at 6 months, started crawling at 6 months one week, started sitting up on her own at 6 months 2 weeks, started pulling into a standing position at 6 months 3 weeks and now at 7.5 months she's started cruising the furniture. Other babies focus a lot on the social aspects, for example babbling, forming words, waving bye bye, etc. Abby's really quiet and hardly ever "talks", and doesn't wave or put her arms out to go to people, unlike some other babies her age. So maybe your dd is focusing on other things right now and when she gets those down then she will move on to crawling and such. Don't worry, she is NOT delayed and I'm sure she will get it soon.


AnytimeLittleone - March 7

Thanks ladies, I'll postpone the bootcamp (for a little while anyway... cant you just imagine me on the floor with DD saying.. "CRAWL! ARE YOU TOO WEAK TO CRAWL? SHOW ME WHAT YOURE MADE OF... <singing> I DONT KNOW BUT IVE BEEN TOLD... EVA MAE IS GOING TO CRAWL NOT ROLL.."


kvilendrer - March 7

Just be patient. She will crawl. Mine had been getting on his hands and knees and trying to crawl since he was about 7 months. he actually didn't start to crawl until he was 10 months. Then I sort of wished he hadn't learned how to crawl. LOL. They wear you out that way. Good luck.


Emmie - March 7

My son is 10.5 months old and he still does not crawl. He has just started getting up and rocking. I would not worry about it-every kid is different.



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