Almost Refusing Pureed Foods YIKES

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ssmith - February 15

My dd is 9.5 months, and LOVES to eat things that she can chew. She is almost at the point of refusing pureed stuff. This is good, on one hand....but I am really feeling stressed about what I am supposed to feed her now!! It was so EASY to just heat up some frozen cubes of food for her. I am really freaking out about meal times!! My dh & I aren't meat and potato kind of people, in fact we hardly eat meat at all. We also eat a lot of spicy food & curry. For those of you with little ones who are just starting to eat table foods....what the heck are you feeding them?!?!


Heather F - February 15

my dd has refused pureed solids since she was 8 months old. She eats canned vegetables in water with no added salt (carrotts, peas, green beans, potatos) Cheese (kraft crumbles are great), pasta, canned fruit in light syrup (peaches, pears, apples) waffles, pancakes, grilled cheese, toast with baby food spread on it like Jam, macaronie and cheese with pureed veggies mixed in, stuffing.....and I love the gerber graduates meals and soups, they are great and they are low in sodium.


Bonnie - February 15

As long as he can gum it up, Mason eats everything we do. Whether it's Mc'D's or a healthy meal (McD's isn't often of course lol). But for things around the house................Gerber meat sticks, torn bits of turkey lunch meats, bits of cheese (pretty much any kind), grilled any kind of sandwhich torn into small bits (turkey, grilled cheese, etc), any kind of pasta and sauce, scrambled eggs (yolks only before 12 months), any soft veggie (green beans, carrots, brocoli, etc) (I usually season the veggies with a little olive oil and seasonings as he doesnt like them plain), brown rice, couse cous, french fries, potatoes, etc...........The only things Mason really doesn't eat are bits of tough beef, salad, choking hazards like grapes, cuc_mbers, etc. He actually loves things with garlic and seasonings. So as long as it's not hot I give it to him.


Amandanbaby - February 15

My ds did the same thing at 8 months old. Now he is 10 months old and I feed him cherrios and fruit and a bottle for breakfast. For lunch he eats 1/2 sometimes more a Graduate soup and some cheese crackers for babies and a bottle. Then for dinner he eats a Graduate entree and a bottle then he eats again when we eat, whatever we're having (meat, pototoes, veggie, biscuits).



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