Already Growing Up

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Toya - July 11

My daughter, Asjani, as most of you know is 9 weeks old...It seems like she's growing up so fast already. I never actually experienced that "newborn" period with her because when she came into the world she was so alert, already lifting her head up and trying to stand up on her legs. She never actually looked like a newborn and never wanted to be held like a newborn...Well, tonight when I swaddled her it seemed like she didn't want to be rocked to sleep so I just laid her in her bassinet while she was wide awake and she fell asleep on her own without fussing...It feels like she is growing up too fast. I really love having a new baby, but it seems like she won't be a baby for much longer...she's already teething and she's about 1 month ahead of the game in all of her development...People keep saying that she's getting out of the way for the next child...(hope not, too soon) But, for some reason, I don't want her to grow up....


Stephanie - July 11

I agree Toya, Amaya is getting so big. It makes me really sad to think that she will grow up and be a "big girl" We are going for her two month shots today and as much as I am dreading it I am looking forward to her needing me to hold her. I know that sounds horrible but she loves to just sit in her swing, or lay on her blanket and look around. She is so content to just be left alone. They are just growing up so fast!


Toya - July 11

Stephanie, good luck with the shots...Isn't it kinda sad...I mean, our babies are only 63 and 64 days old and they already seem pretty independent! Does Amaya like to coo to herself while lying on her blanket?


Liz - July 11

I feel the same way. I saw a video my parents had recorded of the baby and even though I still thought my baby was little (3months) I realized after watching him on TV how little he used to be and how much he has grown. It is kinda sad I guess how quickly they grow so we just have to enjoy every second :)


kEEKEE - July 11

Toya, babies do grow fast. Enjoy them while they are small. Time goes so fast. My little guy was a very alert newborn. He was born at 32 weeks. He is now one. He is bitting, throwing things, and tickling!!! We hide our feet.....heeehee...I wouldn't change a thing. He and his brother is the Apple of my eye. I love them so much..You will be excited when she walking and talking. You will see......Congrats on your newborns.......Good luck!!!!!!


wenling - July 11

That's exactly how i feel!! My baby seems to be growing so fast.. and it's not just the size i'm talking abt. It's seems that he's maturing emotionally too. I feel that he is growing independant of me *sobs* too soon. when he was a few weeks old, he can only sleep when i hold him in my arms; now he can lie on my bed in the day wide awake and then go to sleep all by himself without needing me to cradle him.. and when he gets up, there isn't the usual fussing and crying. He just lies there by himself and look ard. I hear abt clingy babies all the time but alas!! Our babies are so independant of us.. just can't help feeling that it's too soon!! oh well.. I mean, to me, I still feel that i have just given birth to him... apr 25 wasn't that far away for me... *sobs*


wenling - July 11

gosh.. am i losing it?? sometimes i don't want him to grow up.. but on the other hand, won't i be worried if he doesn't?? what a fix i'm in....



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