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Erins Mom - January 2

Hello ladies and happy new year. I hope you and your little ones are all doing well. I think the only one we're still waiting on is Jilloh, as far as I know, but it's January so I thought I'd start us a thread. How are you guys?


AmberNicole - January 2

Hi! I'm here, too. My dd is 3 1/2 weeks old. She is doing great, and we are ready to start the new year. Hope to hear from Margie, soon! I'm worried something is wrong. Has anyone heard from her? How is b___st feeding going for those that are? Wanted to share my story. I tried to get her to latch on for the whole first week. She hated it. She was in special care for 2 days and had gotten a bottle with my colostrum, then hated to try the b___st. Just when I had been pumping and bottle feeding and almost given up, I tried again last week when she was 2 weeks old. She finally got the hang of it and is doing great!


Jilloh - January 2

Yeah and Jilloh will be a January mom....STILL WAITING!


Zeke - January 2

I'm here too. DS is two weeks now. Cord just fell off yesterday so we are finally going to do a real bath. Having a little trouble with back sleeping, he really doesn't like it, prefers his side. Other than that we are doing well with bfing.


tish212 - January 2

little alexa is 2 weeks and doing well. she b___st feeds and takes the bottle with pumped milk, and shows no nipple confusion. shes staying awake longer now...and I'm excited to say she recognizes my voice...when she gets fussy all I have to do is talk to her :) she sleeps well now too... she sleeps on her back in her ba__sinet...on her side when sleeping next to me in bed...and on her tummy when on my chest. I'm loving every minute of being a mom :)


wantanotheraftertr - January 2

Here I am! Joseph deffinatly had nipple confussion! I was not able to bf him right away after his birth so he got a bottle first. Needless to say after a week and a half of him being frustrated and me being frustrated he now takes formula! But It's perfectly ok as we are both doing well and are happy! He is finally starting to stay awake longer durring the day and is taking 4 oz at each feeding. Dh finally went back to work and Monday the siblings go back to school. I can't wait for my time alone with him! (I hate sharing) LOL I will enjoy it soon enough though I'm sure! Joseph is now 3 weeks 1 day! Hope all are well and can't wait to hear all the updates!


redmondsky - January 3

My little guy is now 4 weeks and 3 days. We had two setbacks...I got an infection in my c-section incision...10 days on antibiotics (it's almost healed now)...then I came down with Mast_tis (bacterial infection of my b___b...bacteria got in through a small crack...) * sigh * I have been pumping for the last 3 days and he is taking the bottle really well. I am back on antibiotics and hopefully if my nipples heal we can try b___stfeeding again. It's a bit discouraging because he was doing so well with the b___stfeeding and we got one bad latch and it sort of went downhill a bit....hopefully I can get him on the b___b again!


Jilloh - January 3

My DS is 21 months old today and I had a doctors appointment for Baby today. My doctor expects some progress. Thinking I might go by Sunday, but if not then Monday I got for a Non Stress Test and Ultrasound. It will be decided then to induce or wait it out based upon the two tests. We will see folks.....not getting my hopes up.


Buffi R. - January 3

Hello everyone! Happy to see the new post, I was missing you guys!!! Madison is 4 weeks old today. We tried bf'ing the first couple weeks, but even with using a b___st shield she just couldn't get the latch on. At least not at home. Of course, with the lactation consultants, she did it perfectly every time. We were doing syringe feeds with pumped b___stmilk, but after she lost a scary amount of weight, I gave in and started bottle feeding her. The syringe feeds were taking so long to do, that the doctor thought she was using more calories trying to eat that way (and with all the bf'ing practicing that wasn't going well) than what she was taking in. Now she's doing great. Weight is well over a pound more than her birth weight now, and I'm much happier too. I'm still pumping, but she's getting lots of formula too. Can't pump for every feeding because that's a lot of work too and I need some sleep! :-) Jilloh, I'm thinking about you and your upcoming birth!! Glad you joined in on this thread. Even though you'll be a January mommy, we all got to know you on the 3rd tri board, so we can think of you as an "Honorary December Mommy". Feel free to chat with us anytime!!!!


Jilloh - January 4

no more waiting on me.....SHE is here!!! Born at 3:53AM. Wren Kristene. She weighed 8 pounds, 15 ounces, and measured 21 inches. Labor and Delivery were wonderful. Thanks ladies!


Tan - January 4

redmondsky-when was your lo born? mine is one month old today.. looks like they were born on the same day.. what time?


wantanotheraftertr - January 4

Congrats Jilloh! I am sure she is beautifull and I can't wait to read your birth story!


tish212 - January 5

omg congrats jilloh! that's excellent see she came when she wanted to! and apparently jan was her month! but please don't leave our thread... we all feel u belong here. u name choice is beautiful! on news of alexa...she is my little fart she grunts and grunts and farts the stinkiest little bubbles! shes so cute about it though... and it makes he daddy proud. I got seriously nervous for the first few weeks.... dh didn't seem like he cared... come to find out its b/c he doesn't find her "fun" right now...and I was missing his cuddle time with her. apparently he wakes up several times a nite to check on her and cuddles and kisses all over her when I'm not in the room...(i saw him when he thought I wasn't around) he told me about all these plans he has...for when she can walk and talk he sees her following him around so he can teach her everything he knows. I had no idea he had such big plans...I cried when he told me. its just right now he thinks she needs mommy to keep her happy and secure (and he knows how much I've always wanted this so he doesn't want to make me share my time with her) that's why he loves on her when I'm not around..but now he's all over her b/c I told him I'm willing to share my time. my mother gave me one of my baby pictures...scary it looks JUST like her... everyone said she looks completely like me (besides her hair) and my baby pic shows it. she has her nights and days mixed up but we will fix that soon enough. she eats well...yikes (i have to pump or feed every 2 hours or they leak like 2 ounces!) I had to be put on blood pressure meds (cuz its still way high) and then they gave me fioricet for my headaches (caused by the meds) those hormones are crazy...I was sure my last month of pregnancy I only wanted 1 but now I want another (of course me and dh agreed to wait at least 2 or 3 years so alexa gets all our attention and isn't pushed side for a new baby) she still sleeps in our room she starts off in her ba__sinet...then at 2 am feeding comes in bed with me...and at her 6 am feeding she moves to her boppy pillow and sleeps till 10. I just wish it wasn't so cold outside so I can take her for walks and such. oh and just outta curiosity... the skin on my stomach seems stretched and a little saggy...will that go away? I mean will it tighten back up? I miss my old body! alright this is long enough glad to hear everyones little ones are doing so well! hugs to all the mommies and babies... congrats again jilloh enjoy every minute... I know I did!


AntsWife - January 5

I'm here too! Wyatt Anthony was born December 4th at 2:36 am. He eats like a champ and has no problem going between b___st and bottle ( I supplement at night). He's ALWAYS hungry and went from 6lbs15oz, birth weight, to now 10lbs7oz and gaining. Tish, my stomach is left saggy too. I also hope this goes away. I'm thinking in the next few weeks though it should all snap back in place- well ok, I'm hoping anyway. It sure would be faster if it wasn't so cold and I could get outside for a bit. I'm going nuts held up in the house with the little man...


Buffi R. - January 5

Congratulations Jilloh! I left a message on your "Waiting Game" post.


Erins Mom - January 6

Congrats Jilloh! I'm so glad you finally went! Can't wait to hear your birth story! Liam is doing great, although after trying to introduce a pacifier he's back to his lazy latch (not opening his mouth wide enough) and my b___sts are sore! Ughh ~ never had this problem with Erin. We're working on it though, I know I can fix it. Well, the first two weeks were rough. Erin was sick the day I got home from the hospital so I litterally got NO sleep for like the first three days I was home (because she didn't want Daddy, she wanted me). Then Liam got Erin's cold. He's finally over it, but now Erin has strep throat. Seriously after my kids both are healthy, this whole two kids thing will be a breeze. It really wears me out between the two of them and the sickness thing. We got Liam's first pictures done Thursday. They turned out sooo cute. I love them. Wish I could post pictures on this site to show you. He's 3 weeks 3 days now and as of Thursday he's grown an inch already and gained over a pound from his birth weight. Overall he's a really good baby and best of all, he sleeps!! Antswife, Tish, the good news is that your stomach will tighten back up ~ bad news is that it can take a couple of months. Also if you have any stretch marks they'll fade quite a bit as well, so that's something. They won't be as noticeable. I'm so happy your doing well you guys ~ it's great to hear from you all. I hope Margie checks in as well. We'll talk to you ladies later. Liam is calling me. :).


Buffi R. - January 8

Hi girls! I had a busy weekend with the family. We got Madison baptised at my sister's church a couple hours from our home. We're Christian, but not members yet of any churches in our home town, but my sister is very active in her church and she & her husband were Madison's sponsors so it made sense to do it there. This was our first overnight trip with the baby and it went really well except I should have packed extra sheets for her travel crib. She peed all over them twice..... :-( That weekend I went three days straight without taking naps in the morning (my terrible sleep schedule usually requires this) and by Sunday I was delirious. I feel so tired some days I think I could just die. I'm supposed to go back to work on Jan 24th and have no idea how I'm going to handle that.



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