Always During The Holidays I Might Cry

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starlight_94 - November 29

I just need a vent! My husband and I have a new car and an older vehilce.. The car is great, gets good gas he was not supposed to drive it today, and he did. No biggie, but being out in the country of course he hits a deer at 5 am.... now we have to come up with $500 on top of all the presents we still have to buy....not to mention making a car payment on a car that is going to be in the shop. We are both under 25 so I dont know that insurance will allow us to have a rental, and I drive 40 miles to and from work. I am just so frustrated and thinking that I am in over my head with buying a house and everything that goes along with it. Just when we get ahead something happens, and I wont dare spend our savings b/c my husband needs surgery(not b/c of this) and will be out of work for a week or so, it so annoying. I almost wish they total the car so we can buy a cheaper one for now and not have to come up with 500 dollars...if they do we will end up getting around $4000 back difference between to kbb value and what we owe. Anyways, the airbag didnt go off and my husband is fine...and I am thankful for that! But I just cant help but be upset about the money issues....Sorry about the vent....its so OT but well needed for me!


teska - November 29

Well I know all about money problems!! it seems also for us that the moment we get a step ahead, we have to take two back! I'm starting to wonder if having another baby was irresponsible, as I had to take time off work, which set us back big time. Since I work from home (and ladies, thinking that working from home after a baby is going to be so easy is a huge misconception), I can't work full time, because I have a baby to take care off and I have to make time for him. becasue of that I got demoted (a huge kick in the gut) and had to take a pay cut. I can't really enjoy my baby because I worry about how I'm going to afford raising him, getting the bills paid and keeping a roof over our heads. To top this off, my husband decided to lease another car on top of his truck, which added another 300 dollars on top of our already stretched budget. I'm very worried and very concerned.....Anyways, I don't think I'm helping you any, but reading your story compelled me to vent too! At least you know that you are not the only one!


excited2bemama - November 29

Definately not the only one.. I worry about money alot too. Everytime we get ahead we are slamed with an unexpected bill.. like the furnace needs to be fixed or one of our cars have problems....


WyattsMommy - November 29

I know exactly how you're feeling!! My husband hit a deer two weeks ago. It's a bad time of the year to have to come up with extra money! We just bought our house, and we're trying to remodel. My kitchen is torn apart b/c we're putting down flooring. I don't even know where my Christmas decorations are. My son (15 mo) is recovering from croup, double ear infections, and a sinus infection. I just found out I'm pregnant. To top it all off, my husband is being deployed to Iraq in January. Life is crazy! And I can totally relate to how you're feeling now!!!


starlight_94 - November 29

Thanks ladies... I am feeling a little better although still upset. The repairs will be $4-5,000 and it will be a few weeks before we get it back! But it'll be ok, and we have a few things we are selling to cover the deductible and we did get a rental(thank goodness). I am really glad that I am not the only one with these issues, and I wish you all the best!!


StarsMoon - November 30

I can also relate... We live in the country as well. My DH drives 50 miles one way to work, 6 days a week. Knock on wood, I am surprise that he hasn't hit one of those thing either. (I don't wanna say it, I know I would be jinxin myself then)... In June 2006, we bought a $15,000 Nissan, 4 doors, just what we wanted. It would be enough for us and the 2 boys. Well, 3 months later I got pg... Now we have 3 kids, and the Nissan just is practical anymore. My 13 yr old step-son has to sit in the middle of 2 car seats.... It really sucks... But, we've made it work so far. It's a constant battle of worry over money. My parents now want us to buy their van, but DH doesn't want to be in debt to them. And to sell the Nissan, we can only get $9,000 for it and would be stuck paying off $3,000 that we just don't have... Can you say... SCREWED... yep.. that's us!!! But, I still manage to smile... Anyways, keep your head up... It'll get better...



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