Always Straining

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WenLee - February 16

I have a five week old baby boy who always seems to be straining like he is trying to have a bowel movement, however his stool is normal so he is not constipated. The straining is constant when he is awake. He grunts and tenses up his body. Sometimes it leads to crying. He was br___tfed the first 4 weeks and now takes formula, however it started before I changed to formula. Any ideas what is causing it?


eclipse - February 16

I am not positive what causes it, but my son does the same thing. My ped seems to think that since he hates being wet but hates being changed even more (cold out there and such) that he is trying to keep it in. He would only totally relax in the beginning when eating, he would never allow a bm to happen at another time when he wasn't distracted. He would strain for hours, and have normal stool as well. We mix b___stmilk and formula, so that was never an issue. I just am talking from my experience, but that might be part of it. Have you talked to your ped? It probably isn't anything to worry about, I just mentioned it to mine in pa__sing.


aurorabunny - February 16

I dunno if this helps at all, but my 7 month old still grunts all the time and sometimes tenses up, and he has done it since he was born. There's nothing wrong with him, he just does it. It never bothers him or makes him cry though....


bradylove - February 16

I read somewhere, can't remember where, that the straining happens because the muscles/intestine that help BM's are not developed fully so it's more difficult to get it out. Both my boys strained a lot. My youngest used to strain so much that everytime he'd have a BM he's spit up a little through his nose...poor thing!! He's 9 months now and hasn't done it in a couple of months, but he still strains quite a bit, usually in his highchair while having breakfast TMI! but it's so funny, like clockwork!


mandee25 - February 18

Mine strains too and sometimes it leads to crying but he isn't constipated either. His bm's are not hard rocks or anything. He is 12 1/2 weeks old. He only goes every other day and is formula fed.



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