Am I A Bad Mommy

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:( - January 24

my daughter is 6 weeks old and i love her dearly, but latley, she doesn't feel like sleeping. only an hour here or there, and if i am lucky 2 hours. i hold her as much as i can, and every three hours or so when she starts rooting around and stuffing that cute little fist in her mouth, i br___t feed her...well, i was a little frustrated not to mention tired today, and i put her in her crib for almost an hour. she has one of those little musical mobiles attatched to the side of it and she seemed alomost entranced by it, i had to keep getting up to wind it, but it was such a relief to not be holding her for that time. she didn't cry or any thing during the time, just seemed happy to look at her mobile. but i can't help but feel terrible for leaving her in there for almost an hour like that. does it make me a bad mommy? i am not frustrated with her, just frustrated because i am tired, (actually exhausted is a better word...she's been doing this for 3 whole days now, and neither one of us is getting much sleep.) also i do have some help with her, i live with my mom, and she does take her from me when she can, but my mom works, and her daddy works too from 4pm to 4am, and besides i am br___t feeding so she wants to eat approx. every 3 hours anyway, and she is feeding any where from 30 min to an hour..........................sigh..................anyone out there feel the same way???


Kristina - January 24

That doesn't make you a bad mom...It makes you a human being. We all want a little ME time. Tasia won't sleep more then 5 minits at a time lately...And she is only happy when being held. So I sometimes even let her cry in her swing or babygym for 15 minits while I get some dishes done or whatever. Tasia is b___stfeeding as well, and she is such a piggy! I feel like all I do is sit on the couch and feed her all day long sometimes. *sigh* I do love the little porker to death though! =)


Sarahsmommy - January 24

My daugter is also 6 weeks, will be seven weeks tomorrow. She has been doing the same thing. The only thing that seems to be working is the swing. I let her cry for like 10 mins earlier which I have never done before. I think she's going through a growth spurt and am hoping it will end soon. Hope the same for you. By the way my dd is also bf


Sarahsmommy - January 24

Oh I didn't answer your question, your not a bad mommy, your just trying to stay sane, everyone does it.


kris A. - January 24

I think you are a GREAT MOMMY. You and other SAHM's are my hero's ... I honestly dont have any idea how you give your lives completely to your babies. I love Wren with all of my being, and miss her terribly while thinking of her at work, but a lot of the time I get caught up in work and enjoy it. Then come home anxious to hold her, but on the weekends I am the one holding her while hubby and older kids are off doing projects and ranch work, and I am envious of them, and want to join them. I put Wren in her swing and let her watch the lights and tv while I am catching up on the housework and laundry... luckily she is an easy baby, I cant even imagine b___stfeeding! At least I have 3 older girls and a hubby to share diaper and bottle duty - I am a better mommy to my baby when I can lead my own life, too, and dont feel guilty about it. You are doing a great job with your little one and you are allowed to feel put upon and tired and frustrated. I wish you and your little one the best.


Sophie's Grandma - January 24

Congrats to you & daughert! Nahhh, go easy on sound normal to me:) Don't feel bad for leaving her in the crib. You didn't mention her crying while looking at the mobile os relax. She's at the age when babies are taking in the world around them. She's starting to realize there may be more to see. It's amazing how some things capture their attention. Oh and the sleeping you like coffee??:) kidding, the cafine is not good for bfing.


jg - January 24

You will be glad to know you are extremelly normal. You do what you have to, to get some peace. It is probably just a stage and within a few days everything will be fine again. Have you ever let her cry herself to sleep?


Don't worry - January 24

You're not a bad mommy at all. It is frustrating when you're so tired, but your baby won't let you sleep. Babies go through a growth spurt at 6 weeks, so that's probably what's happening to her, and why she needs to feed more often at the moment. It also a prime time for colic, so that could also be contributing to your problem. It's torture, I know, but just hang in there, because it will start to get easier soon. I think most people feel the same way as you when their babies are only 6 weeks. I know I did. It's just a phase.


Meredith - January 24

Letting your daughter learn to play by herself, have "quiet time" if you will, is something essential for her to learn. Nothing in your post says that you are a bad mommy. I was alone for the first couple months with my first, and she was a fussy baby. Sometimes, I had to let her cry (safely in her crib) while I stepped outside for ten min. of much needed quiet time. An hour seems reasonable for quiet time. (Not just for her, but you as well.) She must be sleeping good at night for her to be staying up so long during the day, no? Has anything changed in her routine?


HEATHER - January 24

You are doing fine, the first 2 months are the toughest it will get easier... At that age never let her cry it out its just not good. Quiet time alone is good it helps her build independance. But when she starts crying its her only way of telling you she needs you. Have you tried to have her lay down with you in bed for naps during the day? I found that if I hold her in the cradle position then lay on my side with a pillow under her so she is up a little higher (less of a chance of rolling on her) that we were able to nurse and nap and she would sleep much longer snuggled up to me. I know so many people say sleeping together is bad but I really dissagree. It allowed for us to both sleep and help her get into a good sleeping pattern at night and at 4 months she started to go to her own bed and sleeps there from 8:30pm to 4:30 am then my hubby gets her and I pull her in bed with me to nurse and we fall back to sleep till around 8ish. I also tried to feed my dd every 2 hours on the dot during the day, that helped with her needing less feedings at night. good luck let me know if this helps. I'd give it a try. Oh, I know how you feel with hubby gone so much. Mine leaves at 5am and doesnt get home till 5:30pm. But at 4 weeks I started to pump and he would do the 7pm feeding so that when he came home Id spend some time with him but then go take a nap and sleep threw a feeding. Try to pump 4or 5 oz.


Tracy - January 24

There is nothing wrong with putting the baby in her crib for a bit, especially if she is happy there! My son is 16 weeks and from time to time I have to put him down and let him fuss a little. As long as I know he is not wet or hungry, I feel comfortable. I hold him soooo much and I believe he knows he is loved. That is the most important thing. But mommies need to brush their teeth and go to the bathroom and have a few minutes for ourselves sometimes. Hang in there. It will get better. When they seem extra hungry or needy, I saw just give them what they need and everyone will be happy!! It's the most rewarding job in the world, to give my baby what he needs. Good luck to you!


Beth - January 25

Oh hunny get a bouncer so your not so tired. The fisher price aquarium is great!


Michelle - January 25

Absolutely not a bad mommy! I have my son in his swing a lot during the day, becuase he loves it. He will just stare out the window and smiles all the time. If I hold him all day, he gets fussy because he is uncomfortable, and just needs to sprawl out once in a while. When is comes to babies, its WHATEVER WORKS! If the crib works for you little one, then dont feel bad. Hang in there


:(...... :)now - January 27

thank you all so much it makes me feel so much better to hear some positive stuff!! Heather, i tried laying her down next to me and it worked really well, the pillow thing also helped me get her to nurse...i have been trying in vain to get her to nurse in that side lying position, but i could never do it because she is so tiny...she was 6 weeks early and only weighed 5lb 6oz, she is just now getting up to almost 9lb. anyway...she has been sleeping a little longer all day today, and hopefully we will have a good nite tonite....i love her soooo much, i just want to do all good stuff for her, sometimes it s just hard though.....thanks for all your input everyone :)



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