Am I Being Too Strict

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mandee25 - February 10

I saw on a baby story that one couple put a sign on the door that said please use hand sanitizer because of the baby or something to that effect and had some sitting there for guests to use before they could touch the baby. I thought this was a great idea especially around the flu season and did the same thing. Is this too much?


ash2 - February 10

Not at all ! Are they going to pay for the hospital bills if your baby gets sick ? Are they going to stay up endless night with you caring for it ? NO ! You are the parent and have to set the boundries.....i think you should do it, and a matter of fact, i did that when my oldest DS was in the hospital.


Rabbits07 - February 10

I did that as well. I see nothing wrong with it. Now if you were asking them to suit up in full body steriles and face mask then I'd think that bit much, but hand sanitizer? Perfectly reasonable.


aurorabunny - February 10

We have a tray on our coffee table that holds all our remotes and stuff, and on the try we have a huge squirt pump of hand sanitizer. Everyone who comes over knows the drill by now that they pretty much have to use it as soon as they come inside. People have called us paranoid before, but I'd rather be the "paranoid lady" with a healthy kid!!


BaileysMummy - February 10

It's a good idea, I don't see it as being paranoid or strict. I'd especially make someone use it who had been smoking/patting our dog before touching my son.


hello - February 11

I must be the only one who thinks its a bit over the top but thats just my personal opinion .......


dee23 - February 11

this is proberbly a good idea for infants, but as they get older, they need to be subjected to dirt and such to build up there immune system, if they are 'kept in a bubble' so to speak for too long, they wont be too healthy when they get older. i am somewhat of a germ freak, but ds is almost 7 months and crawling...and i cant escape it...he gets all sorts of things in his mouth, draw nobs, corner of the couch, cords in the beginning, and he drouls everywhere and will not stay on a mat.....i dont even see the point in sterilising bottles, dummys ect...but i still do anyway. ds has had one cold earlier in infancy that lasted 3 days, other than that he is healthy as can be.


apr - February 11

I have a sis in law who is like that... she doesnt put her babys on even her own bed to change its diaper b/c just in case someone else sat on the bed... or loads of other things like that. Her odler kids have to wash their hands before touching the baby. Yes, I do agree we have to be hygienic and all that, I also dont like any hoohaa touching my baby, but there is a limit. Just my personal opinion. This sis in law of mine. her kids are always getting sick.


apr - February 11

not that my baby doesnt get sick, but the way she cacoons her babies, u'd think the wont ever be sick. They are sick much more and longer then other babies. If my baby will get a slight flu, her baby will get a really bad one that will go on forever


mandee25 - February 11

I appreciate your opinions on this. Thank you!


eclipse - February 11

we do make everyone wash their hands before they pick our 12 week old. I will relax when he isn't so young, but now, they know the rules. Its just a good idea, especially this time of year.


chrissi79 - February 11

I absolutely agree with this...I have placed a large bottle of hand sanitizer on my counter in plain view...I don't like the idea of all these ppl around me 2 week old baby (they actually should be waiting anyway, but ppl don't take a hint or something...) with dirty germy hands ESPEICALLY at this time of year.


BriannasMummy - February 11

I think its an absolutely excellent idea when your baby is brand spankin new. I do think that as time goes on the children NEED to be subjected to germs. Germs are a vital part to building a childs immune system. My sil is very very over the top with having everything sterile around her children. She wont allow them near her bed, she wont allow them in the malls because she scared of flues, because of this .. when those children get sick.. its horrible. When they do get to go out they get every sickness going. I think because she keeps them in such a bubble the sickness flocks to them and then the immune system doesnt know what the heck to do with it. I think by the age of about 3 months its time to slowly start letting go. Thats just my opinion though. ~Kristin~


mandee25 - February 12

Don't get me wrong girls. I take ds out all the time. In fact tonight I am taking him to my cousin's baby shower. I am just taking a precaution with visitors to my home during the flu season. He is so little, I don't want him to get sick right now if I can help it. I definitely am not the type of mom to keep Noah in a bubble.


Amandanbaby - February 12

I just posted something like this in another question from someone. I think it's a good idea NOT to be sooo clean. I mean, of course you can be clean just don't overdo it. If the baby throws a toy on the floor, don't run over real quick and go wash it off before the baby sticks it back in his mouth. You will do this ALL DAY LONG! lol I think the baby needs to be exposed to some germs so his body can build up antibodies, making his immune system stronger. I noticed that some of the ladies on here who are 'clean freaks' have said that their children have been sick or get sick all the time. This is why! If the baby is never exposed to germs and then all of a sudden get a cold, their body is attacked! It doesn't know what to do or how to heal itself because it's never seen this before. This doesn't mean to be a slob, either. Too much of something or too little of something is never good for you. I think you need to find a middle ground somewhere, because everything should be 'used in moderation'. I don't use hand sanitizer everytime I pick my son up, in fact I don't think I have used it all since he was 6 months old. My house is clean but if he drops a cheerio on the floor and picks it up and puts it back in his mouth, I don't rush over and make him spit it out. I do think it's good to make others use the sanitizer after petting animals, like the other ladies said.


Kristin72 - February 12

This is a great idea..I have mine at my front door. Enter~Santize~then Touch baby..Otherwise..just observe or hang out :)


Rabbits07 - February 12

I think requesting people sanitize is a little different than secluding baby from all germs. I think the not changing baby on the bed in case someone else sat there is a little over the top. I know Mason gets exposed to all kinds of germs each day...he crawls on the floor and plays with toys in the floor and these toys go in his mouth. But I also know that he's not likely to get the flu or a stomach virus from these germs. I ask people to sanitize their hands to limit the amount of those types of germs that Mason is exposed to. Plus, I don't know other people's bathroom habits either....I know I wouldn't want to shake hands with someone that had been to the bathroom and not washed their hands and then end up with my hands in my mouth....poor Mason doesn't know any better so I ask people to sanitize for him.



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