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LisaB - January 22

Ok yes I am a bit but heres whats bugging me. My dh had a coworker loss a child (5 months preggo)and my bfs friend lost her daughter at 3 months 2 weeks ago and I can't stop thinking about it. I am scared to leave my ds and I keep checking on him extra at night and bascially freaking out. Is this normal or am I losing my mind?? It just sometimes feel immobilzing loving my ds so much. Does that make sense? I am losing it aren't I?


ash2 - January 22

Totally normal. Whenever i har of a sad story like that i just go give them a bad hug. Ecspecially after a bad movie where someone gets hurt. If you dont mind me did the 3 month old die ?


vonzo - January 22

Not at all Lisa, after i read a post on here a week or so ago about sids, co sleeping and suffocation i got freaked out and checked on my dd constantly. I barely slept. It must be worse knowing that it has actually happened to someone close but i have calmed down alot now after having a word with myself. It's natural instinct to want to protect your child and love them more than anything. It's a HUGE bond mummys have with their baby and even though i love my dh to death its not the same as the love i have for my baby. Try not to get too caught up in worrying though (easier said than done) and just enjoy him.


Rabbits07 - January 22

I think that's normal...hearing about bad things happening to little one's would make any good mommy go into protective mode.


LisaB - January 22

It turns out she had several small tumors around her heart. She was fine then within 24 hours all her organs shut down. Augh- it scares me to death life is so fragile. I am obessing about it lately.


shelly - January 22

lisa your not losing it,if i stopped and really thought about the world today and everything that happens,i really think i wouldnt step out of the door, things like the 2 losses that happened to your friend and dh coworker can really play on your mind,i was depressed just reading the newspaper today, I think when we have kids we also just think about our mortality more, ive felt like that when bad things have happened to others I know but the feeling will pa__s soon ,hope you feel better.



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