Am I Crazy Please Tell Me Someone Else Feels This Way

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MommyMeg07 - February 20

My daughter was born last Friday, and we've been home since Sunday. I really miss being at the hospital!! ha ha. I had an awesome delivery experience - super fast, no complications - so maybe it's the whole experience I miss??? I miss people taking care of me, and bringing me the baby in the middle of the night, and just, i don't know, having it all be about me and the baby. I was so sad to come home? Please tell me this is normal!! ha ha


bradylove - February 20

I felt the same way with my first. It was so nice to be pampered! With my second though, I couldn't wait to come home because I had a 20 month old waiting for me. I only stayed overnight which is almost unheard of here.


mosley12 - February 20

psh i couldnt wait to leave...they kept telling me i had to rest but i couldnt! since i had preclampsia, i had my bp taken every 30 minutes..even at night! an when i would go to the NICU, i had to leave every 30 minutes and they freaked out on me if i was late!


Lisastar9 - February 20

Normal to feel like that I felt like you even after my third,and I got to stay in the hos[ital longer too but I did want to go home my 3 year old missed me terrible and said he will always love me.


aurorabunny - February 20

Aww, that's normal. =) As selfish as this sounds, at first I really missed the way my husband waited on me hand and foot and pampered me like when I was pregnant. Sounds self centered I know, but that's how I felt. I got over it, you will too. =)


SonyaM - February 20

Oh yeah!!!! I had a c-section on a Tuesday and came home on a Friday but I would have stayed all weekend if it wasn't for my older son at home as well as my dh was not happy sleeping on the "bed" they provide for the dads. Give it some time and you will adjust. Congrats!!!


Lala - February 20

I would have stayed longer in the hospital if I could have :)


Momof5 - February 20

Oh my this is so normal... I wish I was still there and my ds is 8 months.. lol Going through a pregnancy and then birth and the having that little baby is the best! :)


nickie13 - February 20

I felt the same way, When my husband had to go back to work it was worse i cried because i missed the all the company and the people looking after me.


jb - February 20

I was like mosley12, I couldn't wait to leave. I wanted to sleep in MY BED!! Well, I got to have my bed, but no sleep!!! It is funny, but I really missed my dog! I had a picture of him on the tray table next to me while I was in the hospital!!! My dh even gave me a card with a picture of a sad looking chocolate lab (like mine) and on the inside it said 'wishing you were here next to me' and signed it Love, Duke (my dog!). As soon as I opened it I started bawling!!!!


MM - February 20

I loved the automatic beds (I had a C-section, so they helped me with getting up), good meals (that I didn't have to cook), not having to clean up, people visiting all day... I missed it when I went home too... & aurorabunny, I know what you mean - dh extra was extra sweet & helpful while I was pregnant!


Natalias Mom - February 21

I felt soo weird too when I came home, it almost felt like it wasnt even my home and this was my 4th baby, I guess it is that you just feel soo overwhelmed.


aurorabunny - February 21

JB thank you for making me feel like I wasn't the only person who missed their dog like crazy...I brought a picture of him to the hospital with me too, LOL. And my husband is still super sweet and wonderful so I shouldn't complain, but I think sometimes I just miss that "I'm pregnant and I can get away with doing nothing" feeling, LOL. Cuz you know you only get that with the first pregnancy!!


mandee25 - February 22

I was the opposite because I was in the hospital for 4 whole days because I was getting help to try b___stfeeding, which failed, but that's another story. Anyways, my delivery was something like yours. Pretty quick for a first baby and with no complications. Congrats on your daughter. You won't believe the way she will change your life. :-)


Emily - February 22

Oh yes, completely normal. With my first we were in the hospital for four days. My dd blood count was funny and they kept her to look for infection. Everything was fine and she is perfectly healthy, but I was so gald to be staying the extra two days. Technically I was no longer admited, the discharged me two days before her, but as a b___stfeeding mother, we got to stay in the room. They didn't need it for anyone else and if they would have, I could have moved to another room. Anyway the hospital staff was great and they still changed my sheets and brought me clean towls even though I wasn’t a patient anymore. I was scared to death to come ohome nd not have the nurses to help me position her for a good latch while feeding. I missed that I couldn't just sleep at night and let them bring her to me. The second time it was still very nice to have the help, but I was ready to come home after the normal two days. I felt so much better, I had more confidence in my abilities to feed and care for her myslef. The first time I still felt so awful from delivery. It was 42 hours long and I lost a lot of blood. I was in so much pain from the epsesoty and the cramps were awful. The second time the cramps were worse, but the pain form delievery wasn't anywhere near what it was the first time. I was bored. Like my husband I was ready to leave with our second. My hubby jumped for joy when they finnaly dischared our first dd four days after her birth, I was not so happy. I was still in pain and still wanted to be taken care of. It will get easier. My advise, take any help that is offered to you. Even if is just someone to hold the baby while you rest, shower, or visit. Good luck, the fun begins now. Enjoy your lo while they are still little. They grow up so fast. My first is 2.5 years and is acting so grown up like and the youngest is 8 mos and is so close to walking. She was standing up in her crib crying when I got up to feed her this am. It almost makes me cry to think niether are little babies anymore…...



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